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Children's First Aid Kits

Child care first aid kit ensures you are "first aid ready" when children are around.

Children's First Aid Kits are manufactured to the same high specification as the rest of our first aid supplies and have been assembled with advice from the HSE and Pre-Scool Learning Alliance. Children's first aid kits are an essential addition to the inventory of anyone who is responsible for the welfare of a child either in a professional capacity or in a domestic environment. Children tend to be more accident-prone than adults so it is imperative to be "first aid ready" for all eventualities. Our child care children's first aid kit comes neatly packed within a plastic box with locking clasps and also boasts of being OFSTED compliant. Our kit is manufactured to the highest professional standards by UK first aid supplies manufacturer, Steroplast Healthcare.

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  • Childcare First Aid Kit OFSTED Compliant

    A Childcare First Aid Kit essential for anyone responsible for the care of children Whether you are a childcare professional or a busy parent responsible for the care of children it is essential you have the necessary First Aid Supplies at hand to make you First Aid Ready for those accidents and injuries which have a high probability of occurring where small children are present. 

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