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  • Steroclenz Rapid Surface Sanitiser

    Steroclenz Rapid Surface Sanitiser is a high-level, fast-acting sporicidal disinfectant that kills up to 99.999% of germs in seconds Steroclenz Rapid is a powerful water-based foam for the rapid cleaning and disinfection of hard surfaces.It has been independently tested (in the UK) in 'real world' conditions with proven contact times.Proven to provide 4-hour residual protection against bacteria and spores, and ensures 99.999% kill rates against germs in seconds. The user can clearly target the area where the foam is required, creating a more even and consistent coverage, combined with the added advantage of white foam, so that the user can see where the spray has been applied, which ensures a cost-effective cleaning regime:...

  • Milton Liquid Steriliser

    Milton Liquid Steriliser is an expertly developed formulation to sterilise baby items in only 15 minutes Milton Sterilising Fluid is used by parents and midwives for over 70 years.   Kills 99.9% of germs including bacteria, fungi and viruses Eliminates the need for rinsing The sterilising solution works for over 24 hours Available in 500ml and 1L bottles Effective on Rotavirus, MRSA and swine flu virus Can also be used in general household cleaning. Milton Liquid Steriliser is available in 500ml or 1L bottles

  • Hospec Liquid Detergent (Pack of 9)

    Hospec Liquid Detergent is a pH neutral and un-perfumed detergent formulated for infection control Complete confidence in infection control - Reducing infections by ensuring a safe, clean environment. pH Neutral, unperfumed detergent ideal for: Damp, spot and floor mopping of floors General cleaning and a damp dusting of surfaces, hospital furniture and pantry equipment Cleaning with microfibre cloths Hand dishwashing Manual cleaning of dental instruments Bottle size is 740ml. Used within the NHS. Hospec Liquid Detergent is sold as a pack of 9 x 750ml bottles.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items