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First Aid Sundries

First Aid Supplies you may require depending on your specific requirements or environments. 

First Aid products which may not be as mainstream and prevalent as other products listed on our website but should none the less, should not be overlooked when selecting your vital First Aid Supplies and Equipment if your environmental circumstances dictate it would be prudent to include them within your kit.  You will find our Thermal Blankets essential in a situation where a person suffering hypothermia is being treated in a colder than ideal environment so we advise you double-check your readiness and awareness for all possible scenarios and environmental conditions.

First Aid Sundries There are 18 products.

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  • First Aid Armband

    First Aid Armband are Velcro fastening armbands in both green and hi-res yellow options and indicate a qualified first aider Comfortable and effective armbands for the easy identification of key health and safety personnel. Durable ripstop nylon material Bold text print to ease identification Velcro closing - one size fits all Cost-effective solution for your health and safety team. First aid armbands are sold individually and in 2 colours.

  • Cotton Buds

    Cotton Buds are 100% pure cotton-tipped buds designed for even the most sensitive skin Cottontails Soft Cotton Buds are specially designed to be so careful and gentle, they can be used on babies delicate skin creases. 100% pure cotton Ideal for the most sensitive cleansing tasks The buds are supplied in resealable value tubs of 200 12 tubs per case. Cotton buds are sold as a case of 12 tubs of 200 individual cotton buds.

  • Cotton Wool Balls (100 Balls)

    Cotton Wool Balls are part of our range of cotton wool products that are soft, gentle and the perfect cushioning and absorbent secondary layer The perfect option for cleaning and mopping up blood Ideal for padding and protection Gentle to the skin High absorbency minimises usage Not recommended for application to open wounds. Cotton Wool Balls are sold in individual packs of 100.

  • Cotton Wool Rolls

    Cotton Wool Rolls are part of our range of cotton wool products that are soft, gentle and the perfect cushioning and absorbent secondary layer The perfect option for cleaning and mopping up blood Ideal for padding and protection Gentle to the skin High absorbency minimises usage Not recommended for application to open wounds. Cotton Wool Rolls are sold in individual packs of 100g or 500g rolls.

  • Trigger Spray Bottle

    Trigger Spray Bottle is a 250ml bottle is ideal for sports to clear the mud away from cuts and injuries before treatment Plastic 250ml capacity bottle Single jet and wide spray settings The nozzle can also be turned off Fits easily into physio bag. Trigger Spray Bottle is 250ml capacity and sod individually.

  • Safety Pins - Pack of 600

    Safety Pins are an absolute must in every first aid kit Whether fastening a bandage or securing a sling, the safety pin has endless uses. Steel safety pins HSE requirement in a first aid kit Ideal for training companies Total pack of 600. Safety Pins are sold in an individual pack of 600.

  • Cotton Wool Nasal Plugs

    Cotton Wool Nasal Plugs are soft and absorbent cotton nasal plugs that can be inserted into the nostrils to control excess bleeding The perfect tool to clot and control nosebleeds, ideal for football, rugby, boxing, MMA and other contact sports. 100% virgin cotton Soft, non-linting plugs The perfect tool to clot a nosebleed 3.8cm long Reusable pack of 100. Cotton Wool Nasal Plugs are sold in individual packs of 100.

  • Couch Rolls

    Couch Rolls provides an economic and environmentally friendly approach to keeping surfaces clean and hygienic High quality 40-metre white couch rolls. Embossed texture improves absorbency and softness, and increases the thickness The roll has easy-tear perforations to make disposal simpler 105 individual sheets per roll Available in widths of 25cm and 50cm.Couch Rolls are sold individually.

  • Couch Roll Dispenser

    Couch Roll Dispenser is easy to fill and use 25cm dispenser for couch rolls. Hygienic convenient and reliable Ideal for use in medical settings Quickly attaches to the wall using screws provided L32.5 W18.5 H18cm. Couch Roll Dispenser is for use with 25cm rolls only and sold individually.

  • Vomit Bags and Bowls

    Vomit Bags and Bowls are a selection of disposable pulp vomit bowls, paper vomit bags and twist and seal locking vomit bags Vomit bowls: Disposable Pulp Product.Vomit bags: Disposable Paper Bags.EmBag Vomit Bags: Disposable twist and seal locking bags. Vomit Bags and Bowls are sold in various pack sizes.

  • E45 Cream

    E45 Cream is a dermatological moisturising cream that treats and soothes dry skin conditions The E45 cream formula is designed by experts to help keep skin hydrated. Treats dry, flaky, chapped skin Sunburnt and detergent hands Eczema Dermatitis Ichthyosis Dry cases of psoriasis. The non-greasy emollient formulation is easily and quickly absorbed into the skin, relieving discomfort and keeping your skin soft. The cream has been dermatologically tested and is perfume-free. It can be used daily by the whole family, on all ages from 1 month upwards.E45 50g is supplied in a tube.  E45 500g is supplied in a pump-action tub. E45 Cream is sold individually.

  • Cetrimide Antiseptic Cream

    Cetrimide Antiseptic Cream is a soothing antiseptic cream providing relief for burns, insect bites, rashes and infections Antiseptic 0.5% w/w Cream is a mild antiseptic used to treat minor burns, minor scalds, minor wounds, cuts, grazes and minor abrasions.    Gently soothes and helps prevent infection Helps with the natural healing of minor skin disorders Available in 15g and 30g tubes. Cetrimide Antiseptic Cream is sold individually.

  • Petroleum Jelly

    Petroleum Jelly is a soothing solution that protects dry skin and reduces irritation for minor cuts, scrapes and burns Create a barrier between the skin and outside elements. 100% pure petroleum jelly Contains no colours, fragrances or irritants Helps prevent and heal dry skin Protects the skin from chafing 250g tub. Petroleum Jelly is sold individually or as a pack of 12.

  • Songbird Sports Massage Wax

    Songbird Sports Massage Wax is the original massage wax used by professionals for over 20 years The Songbird Sports Massage Wax is used by:Sports massage Remedial massage Physiotherapy Osteopathy Sports Professionals. Over the last 20 years, it has become the professional's number one choice. It is constantly used for massage work on players in Premiership football, international rugby, cricket, swimming, ice hockey, softball, track athletics, rowing and on jockeys.It is such a popular product, it was used in the last two World Cups and the Olympic Games.The blended wax is perfect for both pre and post sports massage.If you are dealing with professionals, this is the wax you need. Songbird Sports Massage Wax is sold...

  • Massage Oil

    Massage Oil is a ready to use massage oil suitable for both the warming up of muscles and relaxation The perfect way to treat muscles, both pre and post sport. Ready to use massage oil Energising Multipurpose - pre (warm-up) and post (relaxation) use Low friction, easy-glide application 300ml resealable bottle. Massage into muscles 15-30 minutes before activity for improved muscular performance.Massage Oil is available individually or as a pack of 6.

  • Solace Sun Lotion - Pack of 10

    Solace Sun Lotion - Pack of 10 is an SPF 30 hypoallergenic sunscreen lotion for the prevention of sunburn Solace is the SPF 30 all-purpose sunscreen lotion endorsed by dermatologists. Packed in convenient 5g sachets SPF30 Great for travelling, day trips or outdoor activities Water and sweat-resistant Contains tea tree oil Suitable for a baby's sensitive skin 10 x 85mm x 45mm x 2mm sachets. Solace Sun Lotion is sold as a pack of 10 x 5g sachets.

  • Fire Extinguisher

    Fire Extinguisher is BS6165 approved and certified and will extinguish Class B flammable liquid fires and Class C flammable gas fires Stored pressure BC dry powder aerosol extinguisher.  The BC powder is based on Sodium Bicarbonate. The extinguishing mechanism being that it interferes with the chemical reactions that take place in the combustion zone, killing the flame and extinguishing the fire. The powder is non-conductive and may be used in the presence of an electric current. BC powder will extinguish class B (flammable liquid) fires and Class C (flammable gas) fires.   Approved and certified to BS6165 Kitemarked product Manufactured in Great Britain Excellent fire ratings Lightweight aluminium body.59mm Diameter x 298mm...

  • MacKenzies Smelling Salts

    MacKenzies Smelling Salts are eucalyptus and ammonia being the traditional remedy to relieve catarrh and head colds Smelling Salts to clear the nasal passage from congestion, traditionally to relieve catarrh and head colds. Vapours relieve catarrh and head cold symptoms Clear blocked nasal passages A combination of aromatic decongestants A handy pocket-sized 17ml bottle. MacKenzies Smelling Salts is sold individually.

Showing 1 - 18 of 18 items