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Inaugural personal protection for all First Aiders and Responders dealing with unknown medical emergencies. 

One consideration of paramount importance for anyone attending to an injured person should be that of personal protection especially when there could be or is blood present. Hand protection is vital to help reduce the risk from biohazard that First Aiders and Responders face all too often. Our reusable and Disposable Gloves are manufactured to very high standards and are suitable for a wide variety of tasks and professions.  Depending on your specific requirements our gloves vary in levels of strength and robustness, however, it is always better to ensure you carefully consider all possible eventualities of any situation you could find yourself involved with and make sure the protection level of protective clothing you use is robust enough to ensure your safety is never compromised.

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  • Vinyl Gloves

    Vinyl Gloves Single-use, powdered and powder-free disposable vinyl gloves A cost-effective alternative to latex for users with allergies. The softness of glove reduces hand fatigue Practical and economical choice An easy fit due to strong and slippery inner surface Powdered and Powder Free options available Blue gloves available for catering and food preparation. Available in blue or clear and in various pack type.

Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item