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  • Tournibutton Tourniquet - Pack of 100

    Tournibutton Tourniquet is latex-free single-use disposable tourniquet Reduce the risk of cross-infection with these single-use tourniquets. 100 Tournibands supplied in a handy dispensing box Single-use and disposable Simple to reposition and tighten using button/stud fastener TPE band is latex-free Each tourniband is 38.5cm x 2.3cm Cost-effective without compromising on quality Soft elasticated material increased patient comfort Button fastener allows for a quick single-handed release Huge savings over alternative single-use tourniquets The hygienic alternative to traditional reusable tourniquets. Tournibutton Tourniquet is sold as a pack of 100.

  • TPAK Chest Decompression Needle - 14g

    TPAK Chest Decompression Needle - 14g is a 14 gauge TPAK chest decompression needle is in the recommended 3.25" length for treating a tension pneumothorax A standard IV catheter needle in the chest won't go deep enough in needle thoracostomy.  The 3.25-inch TPAK chest decompression needle is a compact, reliable solution. A shock-resistant case ensures the needle/catheter is secure upon deployment.Rugged tube with textured, easy-open hex cap Capless flash chamber for instant confirmation of needle placement Convenient, compact size for maximum portability. TPAK Chest Decompression Needle - 14g is sold individually.

  • IV Dressings

    IV Dressings are sterile and comfortable dressings to prevent problems of vein bleeds on cannulae and infusion lines ClearFilm IV Dressing:  Latex-free transparent dressing, coated with a layer of hypoallergenic adhesive The viral barrier prevents secondary infection and bacterial contamination Simple frame system facilitates easy, accurate and quick application 7cm x 9cm dressing.    BD Veca-C Dressing:  Latex-free sterile and breathable dressing for securing an IV cannula Provides protection for the cannulation site and improve comfort for the patient 9cm x 6cm dressing. IV Dressings are sold individually.

  • ExactaMed Oral-Enteral Dispenser

    ExactaMed Oral-Enteral Dispenser Sterile dispensers with plungers for accurate dispensing and administration of liquid medication Sterile dispenser Female Luer tip Clear barrel for an accurate reading Easy-slide plunger for ease of application Safe administration of oral/enteral liquid medication Feeds and for flushing Suitable for multiple uses on the same patient Can be used up to 30 times UK NPSA #19 Alert compliant CE Marked. ExactaMed Oral-Enteral Dispenser is sold individually.

  • Luer Slip Tip Syringe

    Luer Slip Tip Syringe is a sterile and latex-free Luer slip syringe allowing needle fixation onto the tip of the syringe by push slip Clear barrel for visualisation of syringe contents Bold scale printing for accurate dosage of medication Retaining ring to prevent accidental plunger rod withdrawal  Safe connection of syringe and needle Sterile and latex-free. Luer Slip Tip Syringe is sold in various pack sizes and capacities. 

  • Hypodermic Needles

    Hypodermic Needles are sterile, single-use and latex-free hypodermic colour-coded syringe needles Sterile, single-use and latex-free Can be connected to both Luer slip and Luer lock adapters Colour codedHypodermic Needles are sold in varying colour in packs of 100.

  • Quick Release Tourniquet

    Quick Release Tourniquet is a cost-effective and durable tourniquet ideal for nurses and doctors when taking blood samples One-handed operation and automatic release Easy to wipe clean Quick release for patient comfort Reusable Latex-Free. Quick Release Tourniquet are sold individually.

  • Venflon IV Cannula

    Venflon IV Cannula is a safety intravenous colour-coded cannula with injection port, valve and snap cap Designed to reduce the risk of needlestick injury to the healthcare worker Unique design eliminates unanticipated blood exposure on needle removal. Venflon IV Cannula is sold individually.

  • Bone Injection Gun - B.I.G

    Bone Injection Gun - B.I.G is an automatic intraosseous infusion device that provides rapid, safe and easy intravascular access through the bone marrow World's first user-friendly intraosseous (IO) device - offering instant intravascular access. The effective alternative answer to unsuccessful intravenous access during emergencies, which dramatically increases the medic's ability to save lives. Infusion established in less than 1 minute User-friendly and relatively painless penetration Suitable for blood transfusion Rapid infusion of liquids or drugs Extra safe, no direct contact with the patient's blood Can be used by Doctors and Paramedics. Paediatric is for newborn to 12 years - Adjustable dial on guns for 0-3 years, 3-6...

  • Tourniband - Stretch Tourniquet Band - Pack of 25

    Tourniband - Stretch Tourniquet Band is a single-use stretch tourniquet band Efficient band style tourniquets Reduce the risk of cross-infection Latex-free Bands supplied on a perforated roll. Tourniband - Stretch Tourniquet Band is sold as a pack of 25.

  • Single IV Air Venting Needle

    Single IV Air Venting Needle is designed for dealing effectively with a pneumothorax and to break the vacuum in fluid bags Effectively deals with a Pneumothorax  Breaks the vacuum in fluid bags Filtered end Sterile - Single-use. Single IV Air Venting Needle is sold individually.

  • IV Giving Set

    IV Giving Set is a single-use sterile IV Giving Set for infusion therapy to administer medicines and blood products Infusion therapy - to administer medicines and blood products. Variable fluid delivery Locking control Sterile Single patient use. IV Giving Set is sold individually.

  • IV Dressing Pack

    IV Dressing Pack is a comprehensive pack that has all you need for dressing cannulae and infusion lines A sterile kit designed for ambulance IV dressing/cannula pack. Simple to use all-encompassing dressing and cannula kit Conforms to standard infection control guidelines Latex-free, ideal for sensitive skin Standardised kit means less waste Speeds up the process when time is of the essence. The Steroplast IV Dressing pack is a simple and ideal kit to assist in safe cannulation and removal. The pack itself has each of the components needed to support aseptic practices and promote standardisation in your organisation.The pack is ideal for use within both the Emergency and Hospital sectors - Saving lives whilst reducing the...

  • Disposable Gallant Preparation Razor

    Disposable Gallant Preparation Razor is a Platinum coated quality stainless steel blade shaves close with no cuts or irritation The contoured handle gives precise fingertip control. Full view of the area being prepared The perfect tool for ECG preparation Built-in comb lifts and separates hair, providing a superior preparation Works just as well with or without foam Fully recyclable. Disposable Gallant Preparation Razor is sold individually.

  • Blood Giving Set

    Blood Giving Set is a complete set for giving blood with variable delivery and lock-off control Designed for single patient use Locking control Variable fluid delivery Sterile. Blood Giving Set is sold individually.

  • 3 Way Stopcock with Extension Tube

    3 Way Stopcock with Extension Tube providing a 3-way flow using the stopcock handle to open and close the lines Inlet to outlet, inlet to side-port or side-port to outlet The stopcock can also be used to reduce to a single line, for drugs/drug infusion purposes and for the attachment of extension lines.0.25ml priming volume and set length of 3cm 3 mm bore 1 blue stopcock handle Rotating male luers Lipid resistant Latex and DEHP free. 3 Way Stopcock with Extension Tube. 

Showing 1 - 16 of 16 items