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Moving And Handling

Products to help with the moving and handling of a person who may have impaired mobility issues. 

Sometimes an emergency situation might require speedy action from the First Responder to evacuate an injured person from a dangerous environment. It should not be assumed everyone will be able to transport themselves out of a dangerous situation that's why you should always be prepared for such an instance. A person could have been rendered unconscious, severely injured or be disabled for example meaning you will need to move them quickly. Our Evacuation and Immobilisation products are designed for making your job easier and also helping to prevent further health degradation of the person needing your help by keeping them still, safe and secure and also easier to handle. All the Moving and Handling products we supply are professionally manufactured to the highest possible standards and go through rigorous testing procedures ensuring pinnacle performance and reliability.

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  • Kendrick Traction Device

    Kendrick Traction Device is the tool that ensures you never need to roll your patient or raise their leg when applying traction No uncomfortable ischial bar One person application in under 2 minutes Suitable for use on adults or children - adjustable traction pole Simple to store in a response bag or vehicle Carry case included. Weight 567g.

  • Kendrick Extrication Device

    Kendrick Extrication Device allows users to safely remove victims of traffic collisions from their motor vehicles Easily applied due to wraparound design Provides maximum support of spine, neck and head Built-in handles allow for a firm grip Easy access to the patient's chest Can be used on patients of any size. Pack of 1.

  • Vacuum Mattress

    Vacuum Mattress is the new standard of care in patient immobilisation Quality, multi-layer, non-flexion mattress Made of light, hard-wearing material Supplied with 3 nylon patient restraints, pump and carry bag X-Ray, CT and MRI compatible Longitudinal chambers and multi-layer retraction Can be attached to a spinal board. Items sold singularly. 

  • Straps - BioThane

    Straps - BioThane belting restraint straps constructed unlike any restraint in the market BioThane belting - Webbing that is completely encapsulated with plastic Easily and quickly decontaminated to 98.97% clean Made using a polyurethane-coated polyester webbing and assembled with radio frequency welding No needles can puncture the coating, no exposed fibres anywhere to absorb blood or other body fluids Restraints remain flexible even in extreme cold More resistant to abrasion than traditional nylon restraints. Cost-effective: Fewer straps to replace, means less cleaning time and less money spent. Items sold singularly. 

  • SAM Splints

    SAM Splints are the most versatile product on the market with universal capabilities Fold it, bend it, curve it and manipulate it into whatever shape you need. Mouldable aluminium Cut the size required and shape it to the limb/area needed Weather-resistant Cleanable exterior Lightweight and compact Reusable. Pack of 1.

  • Immobilisation Collars

    Immobilisation Collars Laerdal Stifneck Select and Ambu Perfit Ace Immobilisation collars Laerdal Stifneck Select:  Quick and easy to use the adjustable collar Easy access for pulse checks and advanced airways procedures Locks ensure selected size stays in place Instructions moulded into the collar Radiolucent - MRI and CT scan compatible Latex-free Ambu Perfit Ace:  A one-piece rigid cervical spine immobiliser 16 different precision settings for a customised fit 4 standard adult settings Easy access for pulse checks and advanced airways procedures Radiolucent - MRI and CT scan compatible Latex-free. Items sold singularly.

  • Ferno Vacuum Splints

    Ferno Vacuum Splints are an ingenious and durable design offering the ultimate in patient stability Suitable for X-rays Provide the necessary comfort required before treatment Stabilise injured patients during transport For fixation of patients with hand, wrist, arm, leg, shoulder, and/or hip injuries Splint moulds around the individual's fracture giving optimal and comfortable support Supplied with pump. Various options are available for this product.

  • Ferno Scoop 65 EXL Stretcher

    Ferno Scoop 65 EXL Stretcher that splits into two sections to create easy access to awkward spaces Ergonomically designed from high strength aluminium. Easy access to awkward, low spaces & makes movement easy Weight 8kg Max load 227kg Includes 4 x Bio safe speed clips.Dimensions: 2010mm x 430mm x 80mm. Product sold singularly. 

  • Ferno Frac-Immobiliser

    Ferno Frac-Immobiliser is a simple method to splint and immobilises suspected limb fractures whilst helping to prevent further damage to surrounding nerves and tissue The easy to clean, ideal for use as a reusable splint. Patient comfort is maintained with the use of further padding Velcro strapping secures the splint Complete with storage wallet. 2 Strap Immobiliser - 35cm x 10cm x 15cm 4 Strap Immobiliser - 60cm x 10cm x 15cm  5 Strap Immobiliser - 75cm x 10cm x 15cm. Various options are available. 

  • Evac-u-Splint

    Evac-u-Splint Vacuum Splints for almost every extremity without placing undue pressure on the injured area Eliminates axial, lateral, and rotational movement during patient transport. Variety of configurations to suit different types of injury Splints mould to the exact shape of the injury site without applying pressure Polystyrene beads reduce body heat loss and provide maximum comfort Radiologic and MRI compatible Easy to clean and disinfect Simple to use and moulds precisely to body contours Operating range of -40°F to 180°F. Various options are available with this product.

  • Banana Board

    Banana Board is a curved seated transfer board to aid seated transfers between two surfaces Suitable for children and adults up to 31 stone. Comfortable Lightweight Helps support an independent movement Anti-slip pads on underside increases grip Maximum weight 200kg Length: 62cm Width: 26cm Thickness: 1cm. Items sold singularly. 

  • Spinal Board

    Spinal Board is a long bodyboard for spinal motion restriction in immobilisation emergencies Lightweight and smooth tapered backboard Durable and easily cleaned Offset pins allow the use of straps that use loop end or speed clips Impervious to bodily fluids - easy to clean 100% X-ray translucent Compatible with most head immobilisers Length: 72" Width: 18" Height: 2" Weight: 11lbs Load limit: 350 lbs. Items sold singularly.

  • SAM Pelvic Sling II

    SAM Pelvic Sling II provides stabilisation for pelvic fractures whilst applying the correct amount of force Scientifically proven to provide effective and safe force to stabilise pelvic fractures The buckle maintains the force and stops over-tightening Low friction slider facilitates the transfer of patients Non-stretch fabric is easily cleaned to be reused Radiolucent Quick and easy to fasten. Various sizes are available.

  • Wrasfer - Patient Transfer Sheet

    Wrasfer - Patient Transfer Sheet is a 2 in 1 disposable patient wrap and transfer sheet designed for use by paramedics in A&E and nursing homes A new 2-in-1 disposable patient wrap and a transfer sheet. Providing clean emergency bedding for patients who need to be transferred from one carrier to another or repositioned Liquid will not penetrate the bottom layer A cost-effective and time-saving solution Absorbs up to 3.5 litres Allow transfer of patients weighing up to 150kg. Three-layer construction; PE-foil, cellulose fluff and nonwoven. The full sheet size is 220cm x 100cm including the absorbent section which itself measures 200cm x 50cm. Item sold singularly. 

  • Thermaflect Flectalon Rescue Stretcher Blanket

    Thermaflect Flectalon Rescue Stretcher Blanket is a thermal blanket designed to combat hypothermia and treat shock in the most adverse weather conditions Provides instant warmth to the casualty  Allows a safe body temperature to be restored and maintained Unique material originally used to line incubators for prematurely born babies  Perfect for damp and wet conditions - Waterproof lining with breathable outer fabric Isolates the casualty prevents cold from entering Ventilates - not allowing the individual to get too hot. Product sold singularly. 

  • Stretcher Duo-Fold Pole

    Stretcher Duo-Fold Pole is a lightweight and foldable emergency stretcher to provide a quick and safe evacuation of a casualty Ideal for use in situations demanding a quick and safe evacuation of a patient. Folds both horizontally and vertically for easy portability and storage Includes 2 patient securing straps for maximum support Poles constructed from lightweight aluminium for easy lifting Vinyl fabric is impervious to stains and mildew for easy care and maintenance Non-slip plastic carrying handles Spreader bars provide additional support Includes carrying bag. Product sold singularly.

  • Spider Straps

    Spider Straps is a body restraining strap system primarily for use with spinal boards Straps thread through the board and secure around the patient using high strength velcro. A complete system to immobilise a patient on a spineboard. The whole set of straps are connected together to form one harness. This is a very effective way to hold a patient onto a spinal board. The Spider Strap is unmatched for ease of use and effective immobilisation.  Quickly and securely strap your patient to a backboard or stretcher in seconds, time after time. Made from Polypropylene and supplied in Multi-Colours Machine Washable Multi-coloured. Item sold singularly. 

  • Spencer Basket Stretcher

    Spencer Basket Stretcher is a stretcher designed to confront the most difficult of emergency situations Works in a wide range of rescue situations Basket shell is built from high-density cross-linked polyethylene to avoid splintering and cracking Easyclean surface, as it is impervious to body fluids and petroleum products Especially usable rescue operations in mines and in water Dimensions 2140mm x 200mm x 650mm Weight 12.5kg Load capacity 280kg. Item sold singularly. 

  • Prometheus Traction Splint

    Prometheus Traction Splint is designed to be used on those patients with a suspected limb fracture decreasing the pain and damage Single person application - takes less than 2 minutes Adjustable traction pole for adult or paediatric use No need to roll patient or uncomfortable Ischial bar Can be used alongside Prometheus Pelvic Splint Lightweight and compact. Size when packed: 29cm x 15cm Weight: 450g Item sold singularly.

  • Premium Vacuum Mattress

    Premium Vacuum Mattress is wipe down material making it more economical and easier to clean, it is also X-ray translucent Non-compression vacuum mattress, ideal for securely transporting patients. The mattress is part of a full kit, including: Non-compression full-body vacuum mattress 3 Safety straps with quick-release buckles 8 Ergonomic carry handles Carry case and pump. Item sold singularly.

  • Patient Slider

    Patient Slider is the ideal patient moving aid for several transfer situations to allow safer and easier transfers thus reducing the risk of injury The ideal and cost-effective moving aid for transferring patients. Full length, semi-rigid sliding board Made from high density, stress relieved polypropylene Slider dimensions - Length: 183cm, Width: 56cm, Depth: 5mm Slider weight - 4 kg, Maximum patient weight: 114 kg. Item sold singularly. 

  • Multi-Grip Disposable Head Immobiliser

    Multi-Grip Disposable Head Immobiliser is the complete and universal head immobilisation system that includes head and chin straps A fully adjustable disposable head immobiliser. The unit comes with head and chin straps Compatible with all C-collars and spineboards Buoyant for water rescues Can be used around helmets for motoring accidents Radiolucent A non-claustrophobic design Extremely light and compact for storage and ease of carrying. Products sold singularly. 

  • Loxley Box Splints Immobiliser

    Loxley Box Splints Immobiliser is a set of 3 hard-wearing PVC Loxley Box Splints for leg immobilisation Three different sized box splints in a high-quality carry bag. Hygienic, easy to clean orange PVC box splints Easy to store - folding flat Strong velcro straps for securing High-frequency welds seal the splint and make it impervious to bodily fluids A unique figure of 8 ankle and footplates.    3 Sizes: Adult, Half Size and Paediatric. Product sold singularly.

  • Head Immobiliser

    Head Immobiliser is a versatile head immobiliser that accommodates most extrication collars and can be used as a stand-alone immobilisation system Versatile - Can be used as stand-alone immobilisation system. Non-absorbent material Versatile design allows it to be used with most scoops and spineboards X-Ray translucent Simple to keep sterile Accommodates most extrication collars Hi-Vis orange colour. The system includes Universal base and 2 head support blocks and a pair of head/chin straps. Product sold singularly.

  • Prometheus Steady-Head Immobiliser

    Prometheus Steady-Head Immobiliser is a disposable head support system that can be used with most orthopaedic stretchers and extrication boards The Steady-Head is an affordable, disposable system that has the flexibility to be used with the varying orthopaedic stretchers and extrication boards.   Latex-free Easy and quick to use Disposable Comfortable and strong support X-ray translucent Utilises reliably adhesive tapeTwo head blocks - 20cm x 8cm x 15cm One matching sized base plate One roll of adhesive tape - 2.5cm x 5m. Product sold singularly.

  • Folding Transfer Board

    Folding Transfer Board is a bridging board used to help carers to laterally transfer patients A lying position with the board laid out flat A sitting position with the board at an angle Across small gaps of up to 6 inches between two parallel presenting surfaces of a similar height. Can be used in lateral slide transfers from: Bed to bed, Bed to the trolley, a bed to shower, trolley to x-ray plinth, a bed to the mortuary trolley and ambulance trolley to A&E trolley/bed. Product sold singularly.

  • Ferno Compact 2 Track Chair

    Ferno Compact 2 Track Chair is an easy to convert Carry chair and Track chair in one making it the ultimate in versatility and easy handling Converts to a track chair quickly and easily Rear handle height adjustment Lightweight stainless steel construction Infection control seat cover and head pad Easily stored. Product sold singularly.

  • Ferno Compact 1 Carry Chair

    Ferno Compact 1 Carry Chair is a durable and robust stainless steel carrying chair is invaluable when transferring patients through corridors and lifts Invaluable chair when transferring patients through corridors and lifts. Serves to meet the demands of various environments Narrow design and large rear wheels Folds to a slim profile for convenient storage 2 piece seat and back panel. Finished in high-quality epoxy cream paint. Product sold singularly.

  • Ferno Combi Head Immobiliser

    Ferno Combi Head Immobiliser is a specially designed head immobiliser that provides optimum fitting to scoop stretchers and spineboards Strong, resistant and reusable Versatile design allows it to be used with all versions of scoops and spineboards Infection control compliant - PU moulded block and antimicrobial velcro fasteners that contain antibacterial additives throughout Can be used in X-Ray and MRI scanners Modular design allows for replacement of individual parts and increasing lifetime of the product Quick to deploy when time is of the essence - emergency situations. Product sold singularly.

Showing 1 - 29 of 29 items