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  • Guedel Airways

    Guedel Airways are one-piece latex-free and sterile making guedel airway safer by design as it combines two materials into one moulding Safer by design. Colour coded bite block for ease of selection of colour coded catheters Bite block reinforcement prevents occlusion of the airway Latex and phthalate-free Supplied sterile in easy-open sachet Available in 9 sizes. Guedel Airways are available with multiple options during purchase.

  • Ambu Spur II Disposable Resuscitator

    Ambu Spur II Disposable Resuscitator is a fully disposable highly responsive bag with minimal mechanical resistance The unique single shutter valve system Integrated handle for user comfort Thin-walled compression bag SafeGrip surface Medication port. Ambu Spur II Disposable Resuscitator is sold individually.

  • Disposable Resuscitator

    Disposable Resuscitator is a sterile, single-use and latex-free disposable resuscitator Non-slip, textured grip 360º swivel connector Glued components (with exception of face mask) Adjustable air cushion face mask for maximum patient comfort Transparent bag for complete internal visibility Excellent recoil recovery following bag compression Latex-free, single patient use Supplied pre-assembled. Disposable Resuscitator is available in 3 sizes.

  • Easy Cap End Tidal CO2 Detector

    Easy Cap End Tidal CO2 Detector monitors ETCO2 levels with breath to breath response on endotracheal tubes That extra measure of safety for endotracheal intubation. The Easy Cap detector is simply attached to the endotracheal tube and begins to monitor ETCO2 levels with breath to breath response. Between inspiration and expiration, a colour change helps you to verify proper tube placement within seconds. It also allows you to monitor ETCO2 during CPR. Confirms correct endotracheal tube placement Responds quickly to exhaled CO2 with quick display change Display window provides visual feedback from breath to breath. Easy Cap End Tidal CO2 Detector is sold individually.

  • Macintosh and Miller Blades

    Macintosh and Miller Blades are LED light source and gives a cool super-bright light with full blade spatula and ET tube guide surface Offering easier access and a better view whilst minimising the risk of dental injury. Premium metal-encased LED light source gives a super bright cool light Full-length blade spatula and ET tube guide surface Superb light output with no heat created Triple sprung ball bearings give a secure fit Re-usable on the same patient. Macintosh and Miller Blades are sold individually.

  • Endotracheal Tubes - Uncuffed

    Endotracheal Tubes - Uncuffed is a soft, flexible thermosensitive medical grade PVC Endotracheal Tubes designed to provide less risk of patient trauma Soft, flexible thermosensitive medical grade PVC ISO standard 15mm connector Atraumatic rounded tip with murphy eye Pilot balloon clearly marked with size Radio opaque sideline Clearly marked insertion guidelines with 2cm vocal cord markings Sterile, individual sachets. This is the Uncuffed version and sold individually.

  • Endotracheal Tubes - Cuffed

    Endotracheal Tubes - Cuffed is a soft, flexible thermosensitive medical grade PVC Endotracheal Tubes designed to provide less risk of patient trauma Soft, flexible thermosensitive medical grade PVC ISO standard 15mm connector Atraumatic rounded tip with murphy eye Pilot balloon clearly marked with size Radio opaque sideline Clearly marked insertion guidelines with 2cm vocal cord markings Sterile, individual sachets. This is the Cuffed version and sold individually.

  • Nasal Oxygen Cannula

    Nasal Oxygen Cannula is a single-use cannula for delivering supplemental oxygen for patients requiring oxygen therapy For patients needing long term oxygen Over the ear design Soft, comfortable and flexible nasal prongs Transparent with kink-resistant tubing for maximum patient safety Single-use to prevent cross-infection and contamination Comes complete with tubing. Nasal Oxygen Cannula is sold individually.

  • Oxygen Venturi Valves

    Oxygen Venturi Valves are a comprehensive range of venturi valves for use with modular mask systems for oxygen therapy All valves meet the BS EN 13544-3:2001 requirements.  Each valve is colour coded for ease of identification. Oxygen Venturi Valves are sold in packs of 10.

  • OptiLube Sterile Lubricating Jelly 5g

    OptiLube Sterile Lubricating Jelly 5g is water-soluble jelly lubrication developed by clinicians for clinicians A fine-tuned formulation class IIa lubricating jelly. pH balanced and water-soluble Jelly adheres to instruments and gloves Causes no damage to rubber or metal equipment Eliminates the risk of patient-to-patient contamination Easy-open and application sachets. OptiLube Sterile Lubricating Jelly 5g is sold in packs of 10 and 150.

  • i-gel O2 Supraglottic Resus Packs

    i-gel O2 Supraglottic Resus Packs is a resus pack that has all the elements to make the job simpler and quicker Designed for convenience, giving you all you need in one sterile pack. Each pack includes an i-gel O2 supraglottic airway suction tube, support strap and lubricant. The new i-gel O2 includes a supplementary oxygen port and an integral hook ring for application of the support strap. The device allows for the delivery of passive airway management and standard ventilation. The pack include all the elements you need to make the job done simpler and quicker. i-gel O2 Supraglottic Resus Packs are sold individually or in packs of 6.

  • Pocket BVM Micro Mask

    Pocket BVM Micro Mask is a fully functional BVM for resuscitation and breathing support when space-saving is important The pocket-sized adult BVM for manual resuscitation and patient ventilation. The compact space-saving device fits comfortably in your pocket A fully functional BVM (Bag Valve Mask) when unpackaged Includes bag, mask, patient valve, reservoir bag and 2m oxygen driveline Single-use disposable mask eliminates cross-contamination Minimum pressure for compression required Quick and simple to deploy Textured grip aids use and prevent slippage Ergonomic lightweight design makes storage simple. Connections: Gas inlet tube: 15mm length x 6mm O.D. Patient connector: Outside - 22mm male, Inside - 15mm female Expiratory...

  • Personal Protection Pouch

    Personal Protection Pouch is a compact personal protection kit for first aiders to give CPR without risk of infection Easy to store compact kit, ideal for first aiders. Can fit easily in your pocket or bag to be used at anytime Velcro fastening, for quick and easy access Made from strong nylon material Can be attached to a belt for hands-free access. Personal Protection Pouch is a compact personal protection kit for first aiders to give CPR without risk of infection. Personal Protection Pouch is sold individually.

  • Ambu UltraSeal Disposable Face Mask With Check Valve

    Ambu UltraSeal Disposable Face Mask With Check Valve is an anatomically correct disposable face mask designed specifically for anaesthetic departments The clear dome provides easy observation of a patient’s condition during use Very soft anatomically shaped cuff enables a tight seal with a minimum of pressure applied Colour code packaging for quick and easy size identification Phthalate-free material DEHP free Does not contain natural rubber latex.    Ambu UltraSeal Disposable Face Mask With Check Valve are sold individually. 

  • Suction Catheters

    Suction Catheters are transparent medical grade PVC allows clinicians to visualise any blockages quickly Atraumatic tip with double offset eye Smooth surface for easy insertion Different connector ends for compatibility with a wide range of suction units and aspirators Colour coded according to size Sterile individual sachets. Suction Catheters are sold individually.

  • Entonox System

    Entonox System is the equipment required for the delivery of Entonox analgesic gas Demand valve and 3-metre hose with BS probe Disposable small adult (size 3 and 4) mouthpieces Includes full instructions and adjustable inflation mask. Entonox System is sold with various options.

  • i-gel Supraglottic Airway

    i-gel Supraglottic Airway is a major development since the laryngeal mask airway A major development since the laryngeal mask airway. i-gel has changed the face of airway management and is now widely used in anaesthesia and resuscitation across the globe. Made from a medical-grade thermoplastic elastomer, it has been designed to create a non-inflatable, anatomical seal of the pharyngeal, laryngeal and perilaryngeal structures whilst avoiding compression trauma. i-gel Supraglottic Airway is sold individually. 

  • Vitalograph Emergency Aspirator

    Vitalograph Emergency Aspirator is the best hand operated aspirator available providing outstanding portable suction All parts of the unit can be cleaned and cold sterilised Hand powered Simple single-handed operation Aspirator container volume of 240mls Supplied complete with 9mm and 6mm catheter mounts, 9mm catheter and instructions. Vitalograph Emergency Aspirator is sold individually.

  • Thomas Tube Holders

    Thomas Tube Holders Secures advanced airway devices such as Endotracheal Tubes and Supraglottic airway devices Comfortable, wide velcro strap Protects patients teeth and gums whilst keeping the tube open  For multiple sized ET tubes, other tubes and Laryngeal Masks BVM does not need to removed to attach Thomas Tube Holder. Thomas Tube Holders are sold individually.

  • Silicone Laryngeal Airways

    Silicone Laryngeal Airways are premium silicone mask airway with smooth integrated design for less risk of patient trauma Premium quality, high-end silicone construction. Smooth integrated design with less risk of patient trauma Fully armoured preventing any twists in tubing Colour coded pilot balloons clearly marked with size for easy application.  Silicone Laryngeal Airways are sold individually. 

  • Res-Q-Vac Aspirator

    Res-Q-Vac Aspirator is the recognised leader in manual suction devices thanks to its combination of quality, performance and safety A superb tool for emergency suction and portable aspiration Container and catheter designed as a snap-in module for rapid replacement and convenient disposal Compact, lightweight caters for the neonate, child and adult-use Minimal effort required Essential for trach, ventilator and respiratory patients 300ml canister 223mm x 165mm x 113mm Res-Q-Vac Aspirator is sold individually.

  • Peak Flow Meter

    Peak Flow Meter is a testing tool that measures how fast you can breathe out to measure how well the lungs are working Measures how well air moves out of your lungs, for asthma sufferers. Standard range peak flow meter Easy to read graduations Routine use will help you predict an oncoming asthma attack The standard range model is suitable for adults with a regular breath capacity. Peak Flow Meter is sold individually.

  • Nasopharyngeal Airways

    Nasopharyngeal Airways is a flexible endotracheal tube designed to open a channel between the nostril and nasopharynx Simple and effective airway Easy insertion Maximum patient compliance Clearly labelled sizing Sizes 4 - 9. Nasopharyngeal Airways is sold individually.

  • Medium Concentration Oxygen Masks

    Medium Concentration Oxygen Masks are clear soft vinyl medium concentration oxygen masks for patient comfort and visual assessment Transparent PVC construction ensures patient comfort and safety Adjustable nose clip and elasticated head strap for added patient comfort Supplied with crush-resistant oxygen tubing. Medium Concentration Oxygen Masks are sold individually. 

  • Laryngoscope Handle

    Laryngoscope Handle is a disposable Metal Max laryngoscope handles with conventional fitting Professional strength full 100% metal handle with excellent grip. ISO 7376 Compliant Superb light output with no heat output Sterile - Single-use Eliminates the sterilisation costs of reusable handles Guaranteed compatibility with all ISO 7376 compliant blades. Laryngoscope Handle is sold individually.

  • Laerdal Suction Unit (LSU)

    Laerdal Suction Unit (LSU) is Portable, powerful and highly reliable and is designed for optimal preparation in emergency situations Such a popular product, that is used all over the entire world by countless providers. It is powerful and effective Portable and highly reliable Prepared for emergency situations Effective at improving patient safety One handgrip design HEPA rated bacteria filter. Laerdal Suction Unit (LSU) is sold individually.

  • Jet Nebuliser Set

    Jet Nebuliser Set is perfect for home and clinic use with patients of all ages and includes a mask, medication chamber and driveline tubing. Easy to use, but powerful enough to nebulise all commonly prescribed chronic chest conditions Discreet storage compartment for accessories and power lead to be neatly stored Commonly used for the treatment of cystic fibrosis, asthma, COPD and other respiratory diseases Administers medication in the form of a mist inhaled into the lungs. Jet Nebuliser Set is sold individually ad available in 2 sizes.

  • High Concentration Oxygen Mask

    High Concentration Oxygen Mask is a non-rebreathing high concentration oxygen mask with a bag and 2-metre oxygen tubing with a head strap 100% total non-rebreathing mask with a bag, 2-metre oxygen tubing and head strap Transparent material ensures patient response can be easily monitored Adjustable nose clip and elasticated head strap for added patient comfort. High Concentration Oxygen Mask is sold individually and available in 2 sizes.

  • Disposable Combi Laryngoscope Set

    Disposable Combi Laryngoscope Set is a sterile single-use laryngoscope set for examining the larynx or inserting a tube through it Non-removable MetalMax blade from the aluminium handle removes hassle and compatibility issues  Lightweight aluminium handle Long battery life over 5 hours 3-year battery shelf life from date of manufacture Metal through the hook for maximum strength Supplied clean with no sterile shelf life issue. Disposable Combi Laryngoscope Set is available with various options and sold individually.

  • Suctionlite Suction Pump

    Suctionlite Suction Pump is an immediate and effective form of oral suction Double-valve system promotes continuous operation with one hand Portable, compact and lightweight Ziplock bag doubles as storage and biohazard container The bulb provides a vacuum force of approx 100mm Hg Fluid capacity 1 litre. Suctionlite Suction Pump is sold individually.

  • Resusciade Keyring - Pack of 25

    Resusciade Keyring is the easy to carry keyring pouches containing a resusciade with a one-way valve The perfect keyring for First Aiders/CPR Trained individuals. Resusciade One Way Valve offers protection to both rescuer and victim when used by CPR trained rescuers Ideal for everyday use for inclusion with corporate CPR training courses and the perfect addition to any first aid kit. The keyrings are available Steroplast branded or they can be printed with your own logo/branding. They are perfect to hand out at First Aid courses or at Healthcare exhibitions.Resusciade Keyring as a pack containing 25 individual units.

  • Rescuer MVP Suction Pump

    Rescuer MVP Suction Pump is a lightweight one-hand operational manual high vacuum pump for emergency suction State of the art, high vacuum portable emergency suction device Lightweight, high vacuum, portable emergency device One-hand operation Built-in overflow protection seal 100° swivel allows for better accessibility Multiple settings, allowing the pump to be used on neonates to large adults 300ml capacity collection jar. Rescuer MVP Suction Pump is sold individually.

  • Oxygen Tubing Single-Use

    Oxygen Tubing Single-Use is a sterile oxygen tubing with soft and flexible end pieces to allow connection to variable oxygen or air delivery apparatus 2.1 Metre Oxygen tubing 1 end connectors allow the tubing to be fitted to a wide variety of oxygen masks Transparent with kink-resistant tubing Single pack. Oxygen Tubing Single-Use is sold individually. 

  • Mucus Extraction Device With 'Safe-Ex' Block Filter

    Mucus Extraction Device With 'Safe-Ex' Block Filter is a unique mucus extraction tool including a 'safe-ex' block filter device for maximum protection for the user Maximum protection due to irreversible blocking of aqueous fluids Microbiologically and clinically tested Simple to use system with mouth suctioning procedures 20ml collection trap with a screw cap for the transport of specimen Sterile - individually packed. Mucus Extraction Device With 'Safe-Ex' Block Filter is sold individually.

  • Flexible Catheter Mount

    Flexible Catheter Mount is a disposable catheter mount with swivel elbow connector Single patient use Sterile  Standard size fitment for all ET tubes Suction catheter access. Flexible Catheter Mount is sold individually.

  • Evac-S Suction Device

    Evac-S Suction Device is a hand-held portable suction device for immediate and effective suction in an emergency Sterile - Single-use Supplied with adult and paediatric catheters and 300ml canister Vacuum performance 500 mmHg One-handed operation Lightweight. Evac-S Suction Device is sold individually.

  • ET Tube Introducer - Bougie 15FR

    ET Tube Introducer - Bougie 15FR is an ultra-smooth endotracheal tube Introducer reinforced with memory Reinforced with memory to mimic gum elastic bougies  Ultra-smooth surface for low friction Atraumatic tip to minimise the risk of patient trauma Graduation mark at each centimetre Angled coudé tip for ease of intubation Vented lumen option available for oxygen feed if required  Supplied sterile, individually packaged in easy to open sachets 60cm long. ET Tube Introducer - Bougie 15FR is sold individually.

  • Cirrus 2 Nebuliser Pot - Pack of 10

    Cirrus 2 Nebuliser Pot for speedier drug delivery and shorter treatment times for common respiratory medications Designed to minimise the residual volume and reduce drug wastage. Driving gas flow of 8L per minute 74% of the volume output will be particles less than 5 microns in diameter Mass median diameter (MMD) of 3.3 microns. Cirrus 2 Nebuliser Pot is sold as a pack of 10.

  • AirMed Travel-Air Nebuliser

    AirMed Travel-Air Nebuliser is a lightweight and portable nebuliser for successful treatment of asthma, allergies and other respiratory conditions Delivering prescribed medication to an individual's bronchial lung passage by easy to inhale aerosol mist. Compact, lightweight and portable Simple single button operation Can be used worldwide Travel bag included Comes with starter pack and universal AC adapter. Starter pack: 1 x Adult facemask 1 x Child facemask 1 x Driveline 1 x Mouthpiece 5 x Inlet Filters 395g (without battery pack) 106mm x 66mm x 128mm (without battery pack)AirMed Travel-Air Nebuliser is sold individually.

  • Resusciade One Way Valve

    Resusciade One Way Valve is a mouth to mouth resus that allows hygienic contact with a patient whilst resuscitating them The Resusciade One Way Valve is used and promoted by CPR trained rescuers. Ideal for corporate CPR training courses and for first aid kits Offers protection for both rescuer and victim when used in CPR Includes printed on CPR instructions One way valve Single-use. Resusciade One Way Valve is sold with or without earloops in packs of 25.

  • Resusciade Face Shield

    Resusciade Face Shield is the safest way to give mouth to mouth resuscitation offering protection to both the rescuer and casualty Allowing CPR trained individuals to give mouth to mouth resuscitation without fear of cross-contamination. Offers protection to both rescuer and victim Used by CPR trained rescuers. For inclusion with corporate CPR training courses, and in first aid kits. Resusciade Face Shield is sold in a pack of 36 or 100.

  • CPR Pocket Mask

    CPR Pocket Mask is the mask that makes resuscitation safe for the provider as the one-way valve with membrane prevents cross-infection Making sure resuscitation is safe for you. One-way valve with membrane to prevent cross-infection Supplied in clamshell case Portable and convenient Improves the effectiveness of cardiopulmonary resuscitation Case 14cm x 11cm x 4.5cm. CPR Pocket Mask is sold individually.

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