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Scissors & Forceps

Essential First Aid tools which should be part of any high-quality professional-grade First Aid Kit. 

All high-quality professional-grade First Aid Kits should be kept well stocked with medical-grade consumables and the tools to correctly administer them to a patent during a real-time emergency. Our Medical First Aid nursing Scissors, Forceps and tweezers are included with many of our complete made up First Aid Kits that contain the relevant consumables that would need the appropriate tool to administer correctly. All contents of our complete First Aid Kits are listed on the product page to clarify what is included before purchase. Scissors, Forceps and Tweezers are also available to purchase as standalone products in whatever quantity you require. 

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  • First Aid and Nursing Scissors

    First Aid and Nursing Scissors for a variety of medical and first aid applications First aid scissors in several different styles and sizes. Variations of nursing and first aid scissors with differing styles. First Aid and Nursing Scissors are available in various options and sold individually. 

  • Tweezers

    Tweezers are an essential item to have in any first aid kit or nursing bag Remove debris; glass, dirt or splinters from a wound Remove animal stingers left behind Perform any task where hands are too large Available in nickel, stainless steel and plastic. Tweezers are available in various options and quantities.

  • Tuff Cut Scissors

    Tuff Cut Scissors are supplied in 7 different colour options you will always know which pair are yours 7.5-inch paramedic tuff cut scissors available in 7 different colours Stainless steel with tough non-breakable plastic handle The lower blade is hooked and rounded at the tip to allow easy insertion Serrated edges enable material grip whilst the top blade shears. Tuff Cut Scissors are sold individually in various colours.

  • Magill Forceps

    Magill Forceps are angled stainless steel forceps used to guide tracheal tubes into the larynx or assist nasogastric tubes into the oesophagus Made from high-quality stainless steel.Magill forceps assist in the difficult intubations by allowing the ET tube to be directed more easily. Magill Forceps are available in two sizes and sold individually.

  • Umbilical Cord Scissors

    Umbilical Cord Scissors are corrosion resistant surgical stainless steel scissors that are built to last Corrosion-resistant surgical stainless steel Built to last Wide, flat, curved blades Non-ratcheted. Umbilical Cord Scissors are sold individually.

  • Spencer Wells Artery Forceps

    Spencer Wells Artery Forceps are the standard forceps used in abdominal surgery Gripping jaws and finely serrated scissor blades Stainless steel Reusable. Spencer Wells Artery Forceps are sold individually.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items