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Training Aids

Various First Aid Training products to build confidence and fine-tune First Aid skills and abilities. 

In an emergency situation, you might only get one chance to save a person's life so as an Emergency Responder you should finetune and expand your knowledge in all areas of administering First Aid. We supply a range of First Aid Training equipment to help you practice life-saving First Aid techniques to ensure you get it right first time during a real-time emergency which can literally be a matter of life or death. Our First Aid Training Aids are made to give you as close to a real-life scenario as possible with the added benefit of procedural clarity in terms of detail and specific educational design.

Training Aids There are 14 products.

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  • Laerdal CPR Manikins

    Laerdal CPR Manikins are the perfect way to teach CPR with this range of Laerdal manikins you can create any scenario Affordability through increased hands-on practice Anatomical realism Lightweight Durable construction and easily maintained. Little Anne QCPR* - Perfect tool for teaching and learning adult CPR Baby Anne - Perfect tool for teaching and learning infant CPR Little Junior QCPR* -  Perfect tool for teaching and learning child CPR *QCPR models provide detailed feedback on compression depth/rate/fraction, recoil, ventilation rate and volume. This QCPR technology allows both the instructor and trainee more effective monitoring and reviewing of CPR performance, which increases the value and efficiency of the training....

  • Brayden Pro CPR Manikin

    Brayden Pro CPR Manikin is the next step in CPR manikins allowing for a data-driven performance-focused debriefing of CPR training The Brayden Pro gives healthcare professionals quantitative data-driven feedback, that can then be used to assist students improvement in their CPR performance. It provides students with real-time feedback during CPR training and also allows for debriefing by giving quantitative data of key CPR parameters outlined in the ERC 2015 Guidelines such as compression depth, compression rate, hand position and release. Feedback on hands-off time and ventilation performance are also provided from the Pro Manikin. Manikin connects via Bluetooth to Brayden Pro app Giving real-time feedback of compression...

  • Brayden CPR Manikin

    Brayden CPR Manikin is the first manikin that allows users to visibly monitor the effects of CPR Oral and nasal passages allow realist nose pinch Authentic chest movement and ventilation Head tilt and chin lift opens the airway Audible responses reinforce correct compression depth Air vents prevent cross-contamination Anatomically correct Latex-free skin AED training pad removal RoHS and REACH compliant. We also supply replacement consumables for the Brayden units. Multiple purchasing options are available with this product.

  • Ambu Airway Management Trainer

    Ambu Airway Management Trainer is the ideal training tool for teaching intubation techniques Allows for active supervision of students performance Easily cleaned and maintained Works will all known tubes and supraglottic airway devices Anatomically correct view inside the airway systems Head lifts and tilts to allow ease of access to the airway Two drawers on the device provide storage for teaching accessories. Product sold singularly.

  • Laerdal Airway Management Trainer

    Laerdal Airway Management Trainer is the most realistic and hands-on way of simulating airway management making it a perfect training tool Having realistic practice is the key to developing proficiency in airway management skills. Simulates real-world complications when practising a variety of intubation, ventilation, and suction techniques Realistic representation of human anatomy, tissue, and skin Allows for training that is directly transferable to the clinical setting Practical training in clearing an obstructed airway and suctioning of liquid foreign matter Cost-effective - Minimal maintenance and robust design Easy transportation and safe storage in a hard carry case. Product sold individually. 

  • Flexible Vertebral Column Pelvis

    Flexible Vertebral Column Pelvis is designed as a teaching aid for teaching physiology and hygiene courses Mounted and moveable Washable PVC Presented on a stand Actual life-size Shows the spinal cord, nerves and connecting ganglion cells. Product sold individually.

  • Choking Charlie Manikin

    Choking Charlie Manikin is the perfect first aid training tool for teaching the Abdominal Thrust Manoeuvre The manikin has a lifelike torso to create an ideal training experience. Includes simulated food boluses Realistic anatomy and response Excellent tool for instructing lifesaving technique. Product sold individually.

  • Act Fast Anti Choking Trainer

    Act Fast Anti Choking Trainer is a realistic way to teach people how to perform the abdominal thrusts both correctly and safely It is worn by students in CPR class to learn the abdominal thrust manoeuvre (Heimlich). When performed correctly, a foam plug shoots into the air, making instruction realistic and leaving students confident. Practice abdominal thrusts safely Use the correct force to eject a practice object Ideal for training without fear of injury There are no replaceable parts, which keeps the cost down. Product sold individually.

  • Ipad SP1 Training Unit

    AED Training Units are trainer defibrillators that have all the features and functions an instructor needs to teach students in the operation of an AED without delivering a shock Ipad SP1 Training Unit: This trainer exactly replicates the iPAD SP1 Defibrillator with voice and illuminating prompts. It has 8 programmed scenarios to assist a tutor in training just about anybody. The trainer can also be guided using the remote control, giving a tutor the opportunity to completely shape his training. Product sold individually.

  • Zoll AED Plus Trainer 2

    AED Training Units are trainer defibrillators that have all the features and functions an instructor needs to teach students in the operation of an AED without delivering a shock Zoll AED Plus Trainer 2: Ideal for AED and CPR training courses, the Zoll Trainer 2 provides the same audible and visual prompts as the actual Zoll AED Plus unit. Helping trainees feel confident to use the device in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest. With hands-on experience, trainees learn how to administer a defibrillation shock and provide effective CPR treatment. The Zoll AED Plus Trainer 2 features 4 different rescue scenarios that can be selected, changed or paused throughout the training course.Product sold individually.

  • Lifepak 1000 Trainer Unit

    AED Training Units are trainer defibrillators that have all the features and functions an instructor needs to teach students in the operation of an AED without delivering a shock Lifepak 1000 Trainer Unit:  The Lifepak 1000 trainer AED provides realistic training for LIFEPAK 1000 defib users. With the same screen messages and audible tones with voice prompt. Guiding users in training situations through simulated analysis, energy delivery and prompted CPR intervals. Product sold individually.

  • Lifepak CR Trainer Unit

    AED Training Units are trainer defibrillators that have all the features and functions an instructor needs to teach students in the operation of an AED without delivering a shock Lifepak CR Trainer Unit:  Mimicking the actual Lifepak CR Plus defibrillator gives trainees the best possible experience of how to use the life-saving device in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest. Using the remote, the instructor has full control over the different rescue scenarios and can pause/resume training where needed, emphasising a particular point or to answer any questions. Product sold individually.

  • First Aid Training Pack

    First Aid Training Pack a high-quality training pack that can be issued to students on first aid courses allowing individuals the opportunity to practice High-quality pack used by numerous companies to hand out to students on first aid courses  Enables students to practice wound dressing, sling work and CPR with a resusciade The professional pack gives a professional image to your course All items come in a handy pack. Options available during checkout.

  • Medium Training Dressing

    Medium Training Dressing is a non-sterile extra-thick dressing ideal for use within a first aid training environment Non-sterile extra-thick training dressing Ideal for practising purposes and first aid courses 12cm x 12cm. Pack of 15.

Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items