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Blue PE Strapping

Blue PE Strapping for individuals working with a catering environment.

All precautions must be undertaken when working in an environment which involves handling food. Blue PE Strapping has been specifically created for securing items to the wearer such pieces of jewellery or anything else that could fall into food thus creating contamination and a potentially serious health hazard later on. Our Blue PE Tape complies with food hygiene regulations and is manufactured to the highest industry standards.

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  • Sterochef Blue PE Strapping

    Sterochef Blue PE Strapping is a Blue plastic adhesive tape for use during food preparation, preventing items from dropping into the food For food handling, specifically for use during food preparation Sterochef strapping is a blue plastic adhesive tape, for use during food preparation, to tape around items of jewellery. Preventing them from accidentally dropping into the food chain. The strapping itself is designed to be highly visible. Complies with food hygiene regulations Essential for use in kitchens, food preparation areas and canteens Washproof tape on spool and capPack of 12.

Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item