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First Aid Supplies

UK supply store of first aid kits and consumables offering a full range of first aid supplies. 

UK supplier of first aid kits and other medical first aid supplies. You can purchase a full range of first aid kits and consumables such as our British Standard BS8599-1 first aid kits or HSE variants as well as a huge range of essential first aid products. We are a UK medical supply store offering a complete range of consumables that includes first aid bandages, plasters, eyewash stations and our industry-leading injury-specific products that comply with and exceed all UK regulatory standards. All of our first aid supplies are CE marked and used by the NHS as well all other professional healthcare sectors, both public and private. Thank you for choosing firstaidsupplies.co.uk, we look forward to helping you become and remain first aid ready at all times.

First Aid Kits

Our range of first aid kits are fully compliant with all regulatory requirements and manufactured to the highest industry standards.

First Aid Consumables

Buy plasters, bandages and other first aid consumables which are all medical grade quality and CE marked for professional use.

Defibrillators (AED)

Our life saving Defibrillators are available with accessories and are the choice of medical professionals who demand the best.

Medical Supplies

A range of medical supplies ranging from basic medical consumables to equipment and furniture for professional medical use.

Training Aids

A complete range of of first aid training equipment from small training kits to more advanced products like our Manikins and Defibs.

First Aid For Sports

Our first aid for sports essentials include kits and medical grade consumables essential to keep sports enthusiasts first aid ready at all times.
NHS Approved Products
Manufacturing First Aid Supplies
First Aid Supplies Delivery
  • First Response Kit Bag

    First Response Kit Bag is a durable and lightweight first aid bag with carrying handle and shoulder strap perfect for a first responder Bag Dimensions: 38cm x 36cm x 8cm. First Response Kit Bag is sold individually.

  • IV Dressings

    IV Dressings are sterile and comfortable dressings to prevent problems of vein bleeds on cannulae and infusion lines ClearFilm IV Dressing:  Latex-free transparent dressing, coated with a layer of hypoallergenic adhesive The viral barrier prevents secondary infection and bacterial contamination Simple frame system facilitates easy, accurate and quick application 7cm x 9cm dressing.    BD Veca-C Dressing:  Latex-free sterile and breathable dressing for securing an IV cannula Provides protection for the cannulation site and improve comfort for the patient 9cm x 6cm dressing. IV Dressings are sold individually.

  • Compact Vehicle First Aid Kit (With Bag)

    Small and Compact Vehicle First Aid Kit.All of our First Aid Kits contain contents expertly manufactured to the highest industry standards and crucially show the CE certification mark leaving you with no doubt regarding the quality of our product which is essential when purchasing supplies for medical use.  Size: Small Compact.

  • Sapphire Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

    Sapphire Aneroid Sphygmomanometer with combined bellows and gauge tubes for an easy single-handed use48mm dial for easy reading Latex-free Supplied with adult black nylon calibrated cuff and zip pouch

  • Steroplast Elastic Adhesive Bandage (EAB)

    Elastic Adhesive Bandage is premium tried and tested EAB for a strong, secure and professional conforming fitA powerful tape that is proven to last, even in the toughest environments Wound onto a smooth bevelled core to prevent finger cuts during use Easy unwind for controlled application and an even application of pressure The adhesive is porous to allow the skin to breathe, and for sweat to evaporate, reducing the risk of skin maceration No wastage - full unwind, right to the core Central guideline to aid correct overlap positioning for an even compression Soft edges for additional patient comfort Individually wrapped to keep bandage clean and hygienic 4.5 metre stretched length 2.5cm, 5cm, 7.5cm and 10cm widths Used along with...

  • Emerald Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

    Emerald Aneroid Sphygmomanometer is a Blood pressure monitor with separate bellows and gauge tube allowing for two-handed operationThe gauge can be clipped onto the cuff whilst in use 48mm dial for easy reading Latex-free Supplied with adult black nylon calibrated cuff and zip pouch Suitable for hospital, home, office, school and travel use Should be used alongside a stethoscope