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First Aid Supplies

UK supply store of first aid kits and consumables offering a full range of first aid supplies. 

UK supplier of first aid kits and other medical first aid supplies. You can purchase a full range of first aid kits and consumables such as our British Standard BS8599-1 first aid kits or HSE variants as well as a huge range of essential first aid products. We are a UK medical supply store offering a complete range of consumables that includes first aid bandages, plasters, eyewash stations and our industry-leading injury-specific products that comply with and exceed all UK regulatory standards. All of our first aid supplies are CE marked and used by the NHS as well all other professional healthcare sectors, both public and private. Thank you for choosing firstaidsupplies.co.uk, we look forward to helping you become and remain first aid ready at all times.

First Aid Kits

Our range of first aid kits are fully compliant with all regulatory requirements and manufactured to the highest industry standards.

First Aid Consumables

Buy plasters, bandages and other first aid consumables which are all medical grade quality and CE marked for professional use.

Defibrillators (AED)

Our life saving Defibrillators are available with accessories and are the choice of medical professionals who demand the best.

Medical Supplies

A range of medical supplies ranging from basic medical consumables to equipment and furniture for professional medical use.

Training Aids

A complete range of of first aid training equipment from small training kits to more advanced products like our Manikins and Defibs.

First Aid For Sports

Our first aid for sports essentials include kits and medical grade consumables essential to keep sports enthusiasts first aid ready at all times.
NHS Approved Products
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  • Ambulance and Paramedic Kit

    Professional First Response Kit for Paramedics and Ambulance Personel.The Highly visible Ambulance and Paramedics Emergency Medical Kit is designed for the professionals responsible for dealing with injured individuals at the scene of an accident and other medical emergencies. Boasting an array of high-quality Medical and First Aid Supplies the contents are secured within a durable Nylon bag with colour coordinated inner compartments allowing the user to arrange the Kit to his or her preference.Ambulance and Paramedic Kit.

  • Choking Charlie Manikin

    Choking Charlie Manikin is the perfect first aid training tool for teaching the Abdominal Thrust Manoeuvre The manikin has a lifelike torso to create an ideal training experience. Includes simulated food boluses Realistic anatomy and response Excellent tool for instructing lifesaving technique. Product sold individually.

  • Bleed Control Kit (Vacuum Sealed Transparent Pack)

    Small and convenient 4BC bleed control kit to treat life-threatening injuries  A very prudent addition to any First Aid/Response Kit. This Bleed Control Kits is Vacuum Sealed and could be an instrumental part of any life saving medical intervention techniques where preventing further blood loss is a primary factor for anyone treating the injury.Size: Small and Compact.

  • Berrcom Non-Contact Forehead Infrared Thermometer

    Berrcom Non-Contact Forehead Infrared Thermometer is designed to take a temperature with a 3-5cm distance from the forehead using infrared technology to measure temperature.Non-contact for hygienic, non-intrusive use Audible fever alarm will alert you to a temperature of over 38.6°C Last 32 readings are stored in memory Easy to read, backlit LCD screen Three screen colours correlating with different temperature ranges Temperature displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius Body measurement range:25°C - 42.9°C One second measurement time Auto power off after 30 seconds Accurate to +/- 0.2°C (in range 35°C - 42°C) 1-year warrantyForehead Thermometer.

  • Ferno Scoop 65 EXL Stretcher

    Ferno Scoop 65 EXL Stretcher that splits into two sections to create easy access to awkward spaces Ergonomically designed from high strength aluminium. Easy access to awkward, low spaces & makes movement easy Weight 8kg Max load 227kg Includes 4 x Bio safe speed clips.Dimensions: 2010mm x 430mm x 80mm. Product sold singularly. 

  • Eye Care Kit 3

    Eye Care Kit 3 is designed for ocular and topical irrigation. Whether you’re a sports club, team or facility, there is always the possibility of players, visitors or employees incurring injury. The eye and wound care kit gives you the equipment to treat impact damage and scratches, or any other damage to the eye. If you’ve ever played football on 3G grass, you know the tiny pieces of rubber get everywhere! This kit has all the items you need for ocular and topical irrigation. It’s a handy sports kit, that can be stored in a cupboard or even wall mounted for washing and removing mud or insects from the eye. It’s also perfect for washing and removing mud and dirt from wounds. It’s a perfect choice kit for cleaning wounds and...