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  • Water-Jel ChitoClot Bandage

    Water-Jel ChitoClot Bandage is an adhesive haemostatic dressing for moderate to severe bleeding Dressings that work alongside the body's clotting system to stop the bleed fast. Elastic, waterproof dressing Internal non-woven layer manufactured from 100% Chitosan High absorption rate Clear adhesive Polyurethane film Flexible and conformable to all skin surfaces Provides rapid haemorrhage control Each size dressing is supplied in a pack of fiveIdeal for individuals needing help with their natural clotting process, such as individuals taking blood-thinning medication.Available in various sizes.

  • Dan Baird Foundation Bleed Control Kit

    Dan Baird Foundation Bleed Control Kit was created to raise the awareness of knife crime and increase the need for advanced first aid training incorporating catastrophic bleeding control Sadly Daniel was fatally stabbed on a night out with friends in July 2017. His family and friends intend to bring this to the attention of the public and to show how devastating knife and violent crime has become.  Their mission is to educate everybody as to what they can do to make a change.  Working closely with Daniel's family and the foundation. Steroplast Healthcare has created this 'All Lives Matter' Bleed Control kit. The kit has everything needed to control and stop a catastrophic bleeding event - and save a life. All items of the kit can...

  • The Emergency bandage - 8" Abdominal Large Wound bandage

    The Emergency bandage - 8" Abdominal Large Wound bandage is a Large bandage for stopping the flow of blood from an abdominal or large traumatic haemorrhaging wound area A Primary dressing, Secondary dressing and a Tourniquet in one simple device. 1:  Treat large area traumatic haemorrhaging wounds2:  For pre-hospital emergency situations3:  Commonly known as an Israeli bandage4:  Simple to use can be applied to oneself using one hand. The Emergency bandage - 8" Abdominal Large Wound bandage is sold individually.

  • The Emergency bandage - Haemorrhage Control Bandage

    The Emergency bandage - Haemorrhage Control Bandage is an emergency trauma dressing with a heavy-duty compression bandage designed to treat a variety of wounds For minor to life-threatening trauma, in both hospital and pre-hospital environments. Features patented Pressure Bar for controlled application Highly absorbent dressing pad Provides direct and constant pressure to the wound Simple and fast to apply For personal or professional application Available in both 4" and 6"The Emergency bandage - Haemorrhage Control bandage are sold individually.

  • WoundClot

    WoundClot is a military-grade haemostatic dressing for temporary control of bleeding in a traumatic situation WoundClot Advanced Bleeding Control ABC Soluble haemostatic gauze for temporary control of bleeding For minor lacerations to severe arterial and venous bleeding The non-compressional application can be used by non-trained personnel Ideal tool for first aiders and first responders Available in 3 different sizes WoundClot Trauma Gauze Emergency haemostatic dressing for moderate and severe traumatic bleeding Soluble cellulosic structure Requires minimal training to use Ideal product for Ambulance, Police, Fire and Military use. WoundClot is sold individually.

  • Olaes Modular Bandage

    Olaes Modular Bandage is a haemorrhage control trauma bandage designed with direct input from some of the most experience combat medics in the world The Olaes Modular Bandage is the newest generation of trauma bandage. Removable occlusive plastic sheet behind the dressing pad Pressure-bar that doubles as an eyecup Advanced capabilities of the bandage are hidden neatly and can be utilized if required Velcro ‘control’ strips prevent the elastic roll from accidentally unravelling and secure the bandage throughout the application process Latex-free Elastic wrap with built-in ‘Control Strips’ to prevent inadvertent unravelling 3 metres of sterile 4 - ply gauze A Plastic occlusive sheet included in dressing pocket Transparent pressure...

  • Celox

    Celox is a range of haemostats to control moderate to severe traumatic bleeding - proven technology, applied in military medicine and by emergency services Haemostatic Applicator The most effective way to treat penetrating trauma Stops bleeding fast Excellent performance even with strong blood flows A High-speed haemostatic application system Haemostatic Gauze High-density gauze impregnated with Celox granules Slim packaging allows for several packs to be carried 5ft in length - effective as other 12ft length products in filling a bleeding space Easy to handle - fast application time Celox Rapid Works with just  60 seconds compression Stops life-threatening bleeding fast Reduces blood loss by 60% Stops hypothermic bleeding in...

  • ChitoSAM 100

    ChitoSAM 100 is the 100% chitosan haemostatic dressing that stops bleeding fast The ChitoSAM 100 is a high performance haemostatic, non-woven chitosan dressing spun directly from chitosan derived from crustaceans or snow crab shells. Designed to stop lethal bleeding rapidly. Tear anywhere packaging design allows for quickest of access from any side The Single ply dressing can be used in addition to trauma gauzes Designed to stop lethal bleeding rapidly Working independently from the body's normal clotting processes Simple and easy to use 10cm x 10cm. ChitoSAM 100 is sold individually. 

  • Trauma Dressing

    Trauma Dressing applies instant direct pressure quickly stemming major blood loss Multiple casualties can be treated quickly, no dressing is quicker to use, or more effective. Quickly stems major bleed injuries Velcro fastening ensures the end of the bandage is secured quickly Can be used on any part of the body Two size options: 18cm x 10cm and 18cm x 15cm Vacuum packed to condense bandage for storage Sterile to prevent infection. Allows medics to quickly dress major bleed wounds, applying direct pressure which stops the blood flow, thus enabling them to deal with further injuries. The non-adherent dressing pad has a single directional action enabling the blood to pass through into the absorbent fibre. The super absorbent pad...

  • Russell Chest Seal

    Russell Chest Seal covers penetrating chest wounds allowing air to escape from the pleural cavity without being drawn back in Hydrogel-based dressing to minimise lung collapse associated with penetrated chest wounds also facilitates lung re-inflation. Fast, easy and intuitive to apply One of the largest chest seals available Large peripheral apertures allow drainage of air and blood Comfortable for a patient in prolonged use Hydrogel base for optimum adhesion Compact and easy to pack into a medical kit. Russell Chest Seal is sold individually.

  • Nightingale Dressing

    Nightingale Dressing is a large occlusive wound dressing that improves adherence and covers larger wounds The highly adherent Nightingale Dressing was developed in response to the struggle of making traditional dressings stick adequately and the need for a product which is simple, quick and reliable to use in emergency situations. The Nightingale Dressing has great fixing properties thanks to its innovative structure and composition. Its breathable design helps protect the adherence of the gel when the skin is damp and allows the dressing to remain securely in place for hours.  Sterile Quick and simple Excellent adherent properties Latex-free CE marked 15cm x 20cmNightingale Dressing is sold individually.

  • FoxSeal Chest Seal - Pack of 2

    FoxSeal Chest Seal is an occlusive dressing for the treatment of open wounds and design for ease of use and consistent performance in the field Ideal for prevention and treatment of pneumothorax. Sterile and latex-free Compact size fits in individual first aid kits High adhesive integrity even in the most challenging situations For potentially lethal open chest wounds FDA and CE listed Contains 2 chest seals. FoxSeal Chest Seal is sold in a pack of 2.

  • ChitoGauze XR Pro

    ChitoGauze XR Pro is a haemostatic gauze dressing designed specifically for emergency medical control of severely bleeding wounds ChitoGauze XR Pro is a haemostatic gauze dressing designed to control moderate to very severe haemorrhage. Prometheus ChitoGauze XR Pro represents the latest generation of topical wound haemostatic agents from HemCon. Prometheus ChitoGauze XR Pro readily conforms to a wide range of wound profiles, allowing easy wound packing and rapid control of bleeding.  The chitosan is impregnated through the dressing and specifically designed to limit particle shedding into the wound, unlike other currently available dressings. Haemostatic Chitosan impregnated gauze X-Ray opaque strip Controls severe bleeding...

  • Blizzard 4BC Bleed Control Kit

    Blizzard 4BC Bleed Control Kit is specially designed compact kit to include the essential items for the treatment and the stopping of catastrophic bleeding The heat-sealed packet is waterproof and provides maximum protection to the contents. The slim and vacuum-sealed kit reduces the size of the kit, fits neatly into a pair of cargo pants 3 separate areas, each packet has notches for easy opening Instructions and illustrations printed onto the packaging, helping the individual use correctly Back of the pack is transparent so you can see the product within Perforated edges allow you to split the kit into 2 smaller kits Re-usable zippers allow for training and practising of the tourniquet. The ideal tool for Military...

  • Blast Bandage

    Blast Bandage is designed to quickly package traumatic amputations, burns and large pattern wounds with minimal effort A large non-adherent wound pad and an integral elastic bandage Quick and simple to use Large, removable occlusive dressing Multipurpose Brakes to help prevent accidental unrolling of the elastic wrap during application Unpacked treatment area of 47cm x 47cm, packs down to 10cm x 10cm Weight: 100g. Blast Bandage is sold individually.

  • SAM XT Civilian Tourniquet

    SAM XT Civilian Tourniquet is designed and engineered for rapid application requiring fewer turns for faster training and intuitive use Innovative design requires fewer windlass turns and enables easier, faster training and intuitive use The auto-lock TRUFORCE buckle technology eradicates nearly all slack, the main cause of tourniquet application Requires less adjustments, decreasing application variations between users for faster usage The TRUFLEX plate distributes force and provides additional support for the metal windlass rod Time band fastener is weather-resistant, night vision-optimised allowing for use in all environments The all-weather precision strap is made from single-layer nylon webbing Windlass C-Hooks secure the rod...

  • Disposable Emergency Maternity Kit (Sealed Polythene Bag)

    Small and light Kit containing essential supplies needed for unexpected childbirth     Another cleverly thought out Emergency kit which would prove essential in the event of childbirth outside of a prepared birthing environment such as Hospital or in the Home. This Kit contains all the essential components to make an emergency maternity scenario as safe as possible for mother and baby in the event such a scenario occurs unexpectedly. This Emergency  Maternity Kit is disposable, small and light and can be added to most existing First Aid Kits or stored and carried independently.

  • SAM Chest Seal With Valve

    SAM Chest Seal With Valve is engineered to treat, seal and reseal open chest wounds under most circumstances Self-adherent dressing for treating open chest wounds. Functioning as either an occlusive seal to the wound or as a seal allowing a one-way flow of air from the chest.Strong adhesive withstands sweat, blood, hair, sand and water Hydrogel adhesive allows the ability to reseal Ideal for use in combat zones Sterile and latex-free CE Marked. SAM Chest Seal With Valve is sold individually.

Showing 1 - 18 of 18 items