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  • Steroswab Wound Dressings

    Steroswab Wound Dressings helps to cushion, protect and prevent dryness in an open wound Steroswab is used as an additional absorbent layer for bodily fluids.Applied in conjunction with a low adherent dressing 8 ply cotton gauze swabs available in three sizes 100 swabs per box. Available in 3 sizes.

  • Sterostrip Sutures Wound Closures

    Sterostrip Sutures Wound Closures are the strongest and most reliable wound closures on the market Extra strength, individually wrapped, sterile wound closures   The nylon strengthening fibres run the length of each suture adding to the strength of the suture. Preventing them from snapping under stress, through normal body movements. Prevent wounds from re-opening, ideal for knife cuts and similar deep wounds The medical-grade adhesive is formulated to ensure the strip stays on longer. Which in turn leads to a better healing wound or incision Hypoallergenic for fewer skin reactions Individually wrapped and sterile A more aggressive adhesive for longer-lasting adhesion Low allergy for fewer skin reactions Prevents wounds from...

  • Sterostrip Ultra Wound Dressings

    Sterostrip Ultra Wound Dressings is an ultra-fine adhesive wound dressing, made from a film that conforms to the body like a second skin Transparent polyurethane adhesive dressing, often referred to as a 'second skin' dressing because it's virtually invisible.  A superb dressing that is chosen by surgeons following surgical procedures for improved patient comfort, whilst allowing the individual to bath and shower.    Post-surgery dressing to cover and protect the wound site Sterile low adherent absorbent pad Allows skin to breathe Bacteria barrier Film-coated with acrylic adhesive making it hypoallergenic Highly flexible for dressing awkward body parts Easy to apply. Available in 3 various sizes.

  • Steropore Adhesive Wound Dressings

    Steropore Adhesive Wound Dressings is the most flexible adhesive wound dressing available on the market Used throughout NHS hospitals following all types of surgical procedures - they're ideal because they are so flexible.These large sterile dressings have the benefit of a hypoallergenic adhesive, that has excellent adhesion, making it perfect for dressing parts of the body prone to continuous movement e.g. joints.Their skin-sensitive adhesive makes them the number one choice for a child's sensitive skin, and are highly recommended for use in schools, nurseries and by childminders. Extremely flexible Hypoallergenic adhesive Exceptional stretch and conforming properties Sterile - individually wrapped A highly absorbent wound...

  • Steropad Double-Sided Wound Dressings

    Steropad Double-Sided Wound Dressings are non-adhesive double-sided highly absorbent wound dressings used following operations and surgical procedures NHS Approved double-sided dressings for cushioned protection of wounds. The pad is double-sided which takes away the risk of the pad being applied incorrectly to the wound Low adherent, low-to-no discomfort when removed Sterile/individually wrapped 4 sized available Cushioned protection Low adherent Highly absorbent Larger sizes available on request 25 packets of 4 pads per box. Available in various sizes.

  • Melolin Wound Dressing

    Melolin Wound Dressing is a low-adherent, absorbent dressing used on a variety of light to moderately exuding wounds Ideal for clean sutured abrasions, wounds, lacerations and minor burns. Very absorbent wound pads that allow the skin to breathe Sterile Cushions and protects the injured area Low adherent dressing pads Low linting to prevent sticking to the wound and minimises pain on removal Can be used with adhesive tape. Available in various sizes and pack sizes.

  • Steropad Wound Dressings In A Wallet

    Steropad Wound Dressings In A Wallet are thick cushioned pads for dressing large cuts and grazes on children and adults The quick and easy way to treat large wounds.The pad is double-sided which takes away the risk of the pad being applied incorrectly Can be applied directly to the wound Perfect for larger cuts and grazes on children and adults Highly absorbent Sterile Thick pad cushions and protects the wound Pad size 5cm x 5cm covers larger wounds NHS approved. Pack of 12.

  • Water-Jel ChitoClot Bandage

    Water-Jel ChitoClot Bandage is an adhesive haemostatic dressing for moderate to severe bleeding Dressings that work alongside the body's clotting system to stop the bleed fast. Elastic, waterproof dressing Internal non-woven layer manufactured from 100% Chitosan High absorption rate Clear adhesive Polyurethane film Flexible and conformable to all skin surfaces Provides rapid haemorrhage control Each size dressing is supplied in a pack of fiveIdeal for individuals needing help with their natural clotting process, such as individuals taking blood-thinning medication.Available in various sizes.

  • Steropax First Aid Dressings

    Steropax First Aid Dressings are a high-quality wound dressing for the inclusion in first aid kits Quality sterile wound dressings. Pad cushions the wound and absorbs exudate Life-saving dressings following serious trauma Provides initial protection from infection whilst en-route to hospital Strong elastic bandage holds the dressing securely in place For a thicker wound pad dressing - see Steroplast Ambulance Dressings. Available in various sizes. 

  • Ambulance Dressing

    Our Ambulance Dressing products are a family of sterile dressings specifically for severe wounds to stem heavy blood loss Ambulance dressings are made with a thicker wound pad for greater absorbency. 8 sizes of sterile dressings Individually wrapped sterile dressings Thicker wound pad than the Steropax dressings. Available in various sizes.

  • Zetuvit E Wound Dressing Pads

    Zetuvit E Wound Dressing Pads are a non-irritant absorbent dressing pad for the treatment of moderate to high exudating wounds Prevents irritation of the surrounding skin Cushions and protects the wound Creates a barrier against contamination Gives a high level of absorption. Available in various sizes. 

  • Trauma Dressing

    Trauma Dressing applies instant direct pressure quickly stemming major blood loss Multiple casualties can be treated quickly, no dressing is quicker to use, or more effective. Quickly stems major bleed injuries Velcro fastening ensures the end of the bandage is secured quickly Can be used on any part of the body Two size options: 18cm x 10cm and 18cm x 15cm Vacuum packed to condense bandage for storage Sterile to prevent infection. Allows medics to quickly dress major bleed wounds, applying direct pressure which stops the blood flow, thus enabling them to deal with further injuries. The non-adherent dressing pad has a single directional action enabling the blood to pass through into the absorbent fibre. The super absorbent pad...

  • Steroplast EAB Tearlite

    Steroplast EAB Tearlite is a Latex-free elastic adhesive bandage that can be torn simply and easily by hand allowing for an ultra-quick applicationEAB Tearlite is in the same product family as EAB Trainers Choice, all of which are elasticated adhesive bandages. Meaning, they’re bandages with a high degree of elasticity and stretch. Due to the elasticity of the products, they’re not as a suitable option for complete joint immobilisation. Instead, they’re perfect for providing flexible support for constantly moving joints. Tearlite differs from Premium and Trainers Choice, as it’s a much more lightweight bandage, created from open weave cotton. This lightweight construction means it can be torn simply and quickly by hand – which...

Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items