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Hot & Cold Therapy

Hot and cold therapy products particularly popular when treating a sports injury. 

Our Hot and Cold therapy treatment products are extremely popular within the sporting communities where sprains, swelling and muscle pain are all too common. However, you don't have to be an avid sportsperson to benefit from our pain reducing products because anyone at any time can sustain a sprain or muscle injury doing a multitude of everyday tasks. Hot and Cold therapy is a viable alternative to pain medication for immediate treatment with instant relief and the added advantages of slowing down the injury symptoms often preventing the pain from becoming worse. Our range of Hot/Cold therapy products comprises of Creams, Sprays, Bandages, packs etc and can be used in conjunction with other First Aid Supplies found on our website.

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  • Sterofreeze Instant Ice Packs

    Sterofreeze Instant Ice Packs are safe and effective ice packs that cool quicker and remain cooler for longer No need to place ice packs in the freezer: Simply squeezing the water sachet inside the pack activates them. Instant Ice Packs cool the problem area in seconds - Simply squeeze and shake to activate Ideal for emergency pitchside use Ideal to treat; sprains and strains immediately after the injury has happened - the most critical time Ice packs are ideal for all sports injuries particularly when there are no first aid facilities close by. Sterofreeze Instant Ice Packs are sold individually. 

  • PhysioWrap SPORT

    PhysioWrap SPORT is a fast, convenient and effective treatment for soft tissue injuries Treats damage to muscles, ligaments, tendons and capsular or cartilaginous structures. Using the lightweight reusable dispenser, the film’s built-in elasticity provides a fast application to the injured area. It holds the treatment pack firmly in place and needs no preparation, or even unwrapping. The translucent film allows clear observation of the area around the injury, for bruising or other symptoms. No need for pins or other fasteners No scissors are required The high-performance film simply sticks to itself and not the patient’s skin Quick and painless to remove Supplied on a lightweight, reusable rigid-plastic dispenser Available in...

  • Hot and Cold Pack - Reusable

    Hot and Cold Pack - Reusable is a reusable treatment that is effective in relieving muscular aches, pains, strains and sprains A high-quality reusable gel pack for effective hot and cold therapy treatment. Ideal for use on sports injuries to help reduce the pain The high-quality internal gel can be reheated and frozen repeatedly The soft coating ensures maximum user comfort and provides durability Orthopaedic surgeons use them for post-operative pain relief If the pack is used cold this will help to reduce the swelling If the pack is used hot this will assist in increasing circulation to the injured area. Hot and Cold Pack - Reusable are available in various options. 

  • Deep Heat

    Deep Heat pain relief and heat therapy for muscular aches, pains and stiffness providing targeted pain relief Deep Heat Rub:  Recommended for the relief of muscular pains and stiffness, including back and rheumatic pain, sciatica, fibrositis, sprains and chilblains. The rub can be applied before or after exercise. It will generate penetrating warmth in aching and sore muscles. The heat therapy helps to increase blood supply to relax and soothe. Deep Heat Spray:  A pain-relieving, warming spray to be used directly onto the skin. It is recommended for pain relief in muscles, tendons, joints or bones, lower back and thigh pain, sprains or strains. The spray can be applied before or after exercise. Re-oxygenate the tissues to help...

  • Deep Freeze Spray

    Deep Freeze Spray is a fast-acting pain relief cold spray that can be used during or immediately after exercise A topical analgesic, which freezes the area to kill the pain. The dual action ices the area and relieves muscle pain and stiffness in cramp, sprains, bruises, lower back pain, rheumatic pain, sciatica and painful nodules down the spine and buttocks. For use on sprains, strains, minor sports injuries, muscle and joint pain Works rapidly like ice for effective pain relief. Deep Freeze Spray is sold individually. 

  • Sterofreeze Spray

    Sterofreeze Spray cools the skin and relieves muscle pain and stiffness caused by cramp, sprains and bruises Fast relief freeze spray - freezes pain instantly. For instant pain relief Cools the skin Treat injuries and swelling Relieves muscle pain and stiffness For use on sprains and bruises Can be used during or immediately after exercise Ideal for stiffness caused by cramp, sprains and bruises 150ml can. Sterofreeze spray is sold individually in 150ml spray canisters.

  • Physicool Cooling Bandages

    Physicool Cooling Bandages are innovative cooling products used by hospitals, physiotherapists and athletes, to greatly reduce swelling, inflammation and pain Helps to speed up recovery and get people back up on their feet fast. The cooling bandage system uses rapid evaporation technology to cool the affected area, with no need for ice or refrigeration. As the coolant in the bandage evaporates heat, pain and swelling are drawn out. Whilst the deep tissue is cooled, simultaneous compression modifies the inflammatory response, which then helps the healing and recovery of the injury. The best there is at reducing swelling and inflammation Immediate pain reduction Easy to apply, even one-handed Proven to quicken patient mobility 100%...

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items