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Sports Essentials

First Aid Supplies with a sports environment in mind essentially to keep you First Aid ready during high-risk sporting events. 

Many unfortunate situations can arise during a sporting event which may require the services of a First Aider. Emergency situations do occur and can range from one extreme to the other in terms of seriousness such as mild dehydration to heart attacks so it is imperative you have the correct supplies on standby at all times. Shown below are products we think are essential components for any Emergency Responder or First Aiders Kit or available for anyone who is likely to be first on the scene attending to anyone needing emergency treatment at a busy sporting event. Speedy action when it comes to administering Emergency First Aid can literally mean the difference between life and death or whether a persons injury fully heals or becomes more serious and permanent. 

Sports Essentials There are 26 products.

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  • Sports First Aid Kit (Team Version)

    Sports First Aid Kit for extreme sports environments. All of our Sports First Aid Kits contain contents expertly manufactured to the highest industry standards and crucially show the CE certification mark leaving you with no doubt regarding the quality of our product which is essential when purchasing supplies for medical use.  Team Version.

  • Sports First Aid Kit (Physio Version)

    Sports First Aid Kit for extreme sports environments. All of our Sports First Aid Kits contain contents expertly manufactured to the highest industry standards and crucially show the CE certification mark leaving you with no doubt regarding the quality of our product which is essential when purchasing supplies for medical use.  Physio Version.

  • Sports First Aid Kit (Medium and Compact)

    Sports First Aid Kit for extreme sporting environments. All of our Sports Medical First Aid Kits contain contents expertly manufactured to the highest industry standards and crucially show the CE certification mark leaving you with no doubt regarding the quality of our product which is essential when purchasing supplies for medical use.  Size: Medium and compact.

  • Sterotape-K Kinesiology Tape

    Sterotape-K Kinesiology Tape gives additional support and stability to muscles and joints without affecting the wearer's range of movement or circulation Unrivalled quality, excellent performance guaranteed. Sterotape-K is 100% latex-free and so is perfect for sensitive skin Once applied it can be worn for days at a time Wavelike adhesive pattern aids breathability and wearer comfort Easy to apply, stretches with the bodies movement Flexes with skin's natural elasticity Long term adhesion, can be worn for up to one week Water repellent fabric, for use in sport and showering 5cm x 5m Rolls All Sterotape-K rolls are supplied individually boxed Available in red, blue and flesh colours  Sterotape-K is a 100% latex-free - Low allergy...

  • Sterotape-Z.O. Zinc Oxide Tape

    Sterotape-Z.O. Zinc Oxide Tape is a rigid, adhesive tape that is used to strap up and strengthen joints to prevent sporting injuries Now with a serrated edge - making it easier to tear into a strip. Sterotape-Z.O. is the ideal product for use in boxing, MMA, tennis, rock climbing, rugby or any other high impact sports. Non-stretch zinc oxide strapping Provides rigid support even under extreme stress Excellent skin-friendly zinc oxide adhesive Guaranteed directional support and immobilisation Ultra-strong, easy to apply and extremely comfortable Tears easily by hand along both length and width No scissors required Conforms well to body contours 5m and 10m rolls 1.25cm, 2.5cm, 4cm and 5cm widths.  This robust zinc oxide tape is...

  • Steroplast Trainers Choice Bandage (EAB)

    Steroplast Trainers Choice Bandage (EAB) is the ideal elastic adhesive bandage choice for everyday club useEAB is an elasticated bandage, which is designed to stretch. Due it’s elasticity, it’s not a suitable option for complete immobilisation of joints. Instead, it is the ideal choice for providing flexible support for constantly moving joints, such as elbows and knees. It is known in the industry by many names; sports bandage, sports tape, support bandage, this is because of its wide range of medical and sporting applications. The bandage itself was specifically designed for supporting weak joints, like a compression bandage. The adhesive cotton bandage is key for treating sports injuries. Physios use it to wrap soft tissue and...

  • Boxing Wraps

    Boxing Wraps are classic hand wraps specifically designed for Boxing, MMA and fitness training Designed by professionals to create the perfect tool for training, sparring and fighting. Breathable cotton wraps for maximum comfort and support Thumb strap and hook/loop closure to ensure a strong and secure fit Designed to protect hands during impact Maintain joint alignment for injury prevention 177" - 4.5-metre protective layering One pair per packet Machine washable. Boxing Wraps are sold individually.

  • BackBaller Dual Mounted Foam Roller

    BackBaller Dual Mounted Foam Roller is a high-density back massager and focused muscle relief tool The BackBaller foam roller has been specifically designed so that users can self-treat muscles in the upper and lower back. Deep tissue foam massager Stability and control Optimum benefit Knead out all muscle groups Focused muscle relief Normalises muscle tissue. BackBaller takes the standard foam roller that one step further, the platform provides increased stability and user control. Which then allows users to apply their own body weight to normalise the muscle tissue. Self-myofascial release, also known as foam rolling, has completely transformed from a secretive technique used only by professionals, coaches and therapists,...

  • Water Bottle With Chin Rest Top

    Water Bottle With Chin Rest Top is a water bottle with a no-contact outlet nozzle to prevent cross-contamination or infection The ideal drinks bottle for sports training and match play. The unique design allows users to rest their chin on a plate and simply squeeze the bottle to spray water directly into the mouth. Easy squeeze - ideal for all ages Contoured grip for additional comfort Tough water bottle  Screw top lid for refilling Dishwasher safe 750ml bottle. Suitable for team sports to prevent cross-contamination.

  • Songbird Sports Massage Wax

    Songbird Sports Massage Wax is the original massage wax used by professionals for over 20 years The Songbird Sports Massage Wax is used by:Sports massage Remedial massage Physiotherapy Osteopathy Sports Professionals. Over the last 20 years, it has become the professional's number one choice. It is constantly used for massage work on players in Premiership football, international rugby, cricket, swimming, ice hockey, softball, track athletics, rowing and on jockeys.It is such a popular product, it was used in the last two World Cups and the Olympic Games.The blended wax is perfect for both pre and post sports massage.If you are dealing with professionals, this is the wax you need. Songbird Sports Massage Wax is sold...

  • Massage Oil

    Massage Oil is a ready to use massage oil suitable for both the warming up of muscles and relaxation The perfect way to treat muscles, both pre and post sport. Ready to use massage oil Energising Multipurpose - pre (warm-up) and post (relaxation) use Low friction, easy-glide application 300ml resealable bottle. Massage into muscles 15-30 minutes before activity for improved muscular performance.Massage Oil is available individually or as a pack of 6.

  • Sterofreeze Instant Ice Packs

    Sterofreeze Instant Ice Packs are safe and effective ice packs that cool quicker and remain cooler for longer No need to place ice packs in the freezer: Simply squeezing the water sachet inside the pack activates them. Instant Ice Packs cool the problem area in seconds - Simply squeeze and shake to activate Ideal for emergency pitchside use Ideal to treat; sprains and strains immediately after the injury has happened - the most critical time Ice packs are ideal for all sports injuries particularly when there are no first aid facilities close by. Sterofreeze Instant Ice Packs are sold individually. 

  • Ice Bag - Reusable

    Ice Bag - Reusable is a handy injury aid that is small enough to fit into a gym bag or first aid kit that provides instant pain relief It is ideal for on-site injuries and direct response, the ice bag allows the user to treat pain and assist in the reduction of swelling during the early stages of injury. The bag can be filled with either ice cubes, crushed ice or cold water and applied directly to the area of pain. The fabric bag is reusable and moulds to the skin allowing it to be used on most body parts including; shoulder, elbow, hip, lower back, thigh, knee, calf and ankle. 9 Inches long Holds 1000 ml of water. Ice Bag - Reusable is sold individually.

  • Cotton Wool Nasal Plugs

    Cotton Wool Nasal Plugs are soft and absorbent cotton nasal plugs that can be inserted into the nostrils to control excess bleeding The perfect tool to clot and control nosebleeds, ideal for football, rugby, boxing, MMA and other contact sports. 100% virgin cotton Soft, non-linting plugs The perfect tool to clot a nosebleed 3.8cm long Reusable pack of 100. Cotton Wool Nasal Plugs are sold in individual packs of 100.

  • Deep Heat

    Deep Heat pain relief and heat therapy for muscular aches, pains and stiffness providing targeted pain relief Deep Heat Rub:  Recommended for the relief of muscular pains and stiffness, including back and rheumatic pain, sciatica, fibrositis, sprains and chilblains. The rub can be applied before or after exercise. It will generate penetrating warmth in aching and sore muscles. The heat therapy helps to increase blood supply to relax and soothe. Deep Heat Spray:  A pain-relieving, warming spray to be used directly onto the skin. It is recommended for pain relief in muscles, tendons, joints or bones, lower back and thigh pain, sprains or strains. The spray can be applied before or after exercise. Re-oxygenate the tissues to help...

  • Deep Freeze Spray

    Deep Freeze Spray is a fast-acting pain relief cold spray that can be used during or immediately after exercise A topical analgesic, which freezes the area to kill the pain. The dual action ices the area and relieves muscle pain and stiffness in cramp, sprains, bruises, lower back pain, rheumatic pain, sciatica and painful nodules down the spine and buttocks. For use on sprains, strains, minor sports injuries, muscle and joint pain Works rapidly like ice for effective pain relief. Deep Freeze Spray is sold individually. 

  • Hot and Cold Pack - Reusable

    Hot and Cold Pack - Reusable is a reusable treatment that is effective in relieving muscular aches, pains, strains and sprains A high-quality reusable gel pack for effective hot and cold therapy treatment. Ideal for use on sports injuries to help reduce the pain The high-quality internal gel can be reheated and frozen repeatedly The soft coating ensures maximum user comfort and provides durability Orthopaedic surgeons use them for post-operative pain relief If the pack is used cold this will help to reduce the swelling If the pack is used hot this will assist in increasing circulation to the injured area. Hot and Cold Pack - Reusable are available in various options. 

  • Steroplast Sports Bag

    Steroplast Sports Bag is a first-class medical sports bag designed to the highest specification by professional physiotherapists Designed by a team of professional sports physios. We wanted to create the ideal tool for a sports physio, so we put together a team of physiotherapists from different sports to find out what they need from a first aid kit bag. Ideal for pitchside and indoor sports facilities Two adjustable internal dividers to create three internal compartments Four hard-wearing plastic feet to prevent damage to the base of the bag Removable and adjustable shoulder strap with pad and additional carry handles for speedy use Maximum storage with several internal pockets and holders Two elasticated mesh pockets at both...

  • Sports First Aid Bag

    Sports First Aid Bag is a high quality empty first aid bag that has been designed for sport and it is ideal for all sports from pitchside to treatment room Use the empty bag and create the sports kit which suits your needs. Bag dimensions: 40cm x 30cm x 9cm. Sports First Aid Bag is sold individually.

  • Cotton Tipped Applicator

    Cotton Tipped Applicator are wooden applicators with a soft cotton tip for cuts and wounds A boxing corner essential product for treating cuts around the eyes and face. Wooden applicators Non-sterile Prevents cross-contamination and infection Pack of 100 applicators Each is 6 inches in length Small tip. Cotton Tipped Applicator is sold as a pack of 100.

  • Enswell Eye Iron

    Enswell Eye Iron is the cutman's perfect tool to reduce swelling on bruises or cuts during a fight Ideal for high-level contact sports such as boxing, MMA and Thai boxing - A crucial part of a cutman's kit. The enswell is used in all high-level contact sports Used by the professionals as there is no better product Smooth metal with an easy-grip handle to add pressure Reduces the swelling by decreasing the blood flow to the area Used to treat facial cuts and bruises, to keep them in the fight Best kept in an ice bucket, as this will cause blood capillaries to constrict and reduce the blood flow to the swelling. Enswell Eye Iron id sold individually.

  • PhysioWrap SPORT

    PhysioWrap SPORT is a fast, convenient and effective treatment for soft tissue injuries Treats damage to muscles, ligaments, tendons and capsular or cartilaginous structures. Using the lightweight reusable dispenser, the film’s built-in elasticity provides a fast application to the injured area. It holds the treatment pack firmly in place and needs no preparation, or even unwrapping. The translucent film allows clear observation of the area around the injury, for bruising or other symptoms. No need for pins or other fasteners No scissors are required The high-performance film simply sticks to itself and not the patient’s skin Quick and painless to remove Supplied on a lightweight, reusable rigid-plastic dispenser Available in...

  • Physicool Coolant Recharge Spray

    Physicool Coolant Recharge Spray lets you get repeated use from your Physicool cooling bandages.The coolant can be applied directly onto the bandage when it is wrapped around an injury, or you can soak a rolled-up bandage in the coolant using the bandage’s resealable foil pack.As part of our innovative cooling system, our coolant helps rapidly reduce swelling and inflammation, minimises pain, and speeds-up recovery time. Get back to what you love faster with Physicool.Spray Capacity: 500ml.

  • Pre-tape spray - 4oz

    Pre-tape spray - 4oz is used by players and physios where it is applied to the skin to help the tape stick better.The colourless adhesive spray that makes tape stick to the skin better. The pre-tape adhesive solves the problem of tape jobs becoming loose during sports and activities. Simply spray it on the area of skin where the tape is going to be applied to make your tape job more effective.  Ensures tapes stay in place longer Quick-drying glue The adhesive spray is far more water-resistant than the adhesive on most sports tapes - ideal for wet conditions. Mueller Tuffner is used by most Premier League physios and NFL trainers. Pack of 1.

  • Sterofreeze Spray

    Sterofreeze Spray cools the skin and relieves muscle pain and stiffness caused by cramp, sprains and bruises Fast relief freeze spray - freezes pain instantly. For instant pain relief Cools the skin Treat injuries and swelling Relieves muscle pain and stiffness For use on sprains and bruises Can be used during or immediately after exercise Ideal for stiffness caused by cramp, sprains and bruises 150ml can. Sterofreeze spray is sold individually in 150ml spray canisters.

  • Trigger Spray Bottle

    Trigger Spray Bottle is a 250ml bottle is ideal for sports to clear the mud away from cuts and injuries before treatment Plastic 250ml capacity bottle Single jet and wide spray settings The nozzle can also be turned off Fits easily into physio bag. Trigger Spray Bottle is 250ml capacity and sod individually.

Showing 1 - 26 of 26 items