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Tapes & Strapping

A selection of vital First Aid consumables essential for a professional First Aid Kit. 

Our selection of high quality strapping and medical tape are an essential inclusion of any First Aid Kit. Before a wound can be bandaged it may be necessary to close the wound with wound care strapping depending on its length or depth. Many bandages and dressings (Non-Adhesive) will also require high-quality medical tape to secure it on the patient. Our First Aid medical Tapes and Strapping are included in many of our complete Kits and can also be purchased separately in various specifications and pack sizes separately. All included First Aid Kit contents are displayed clearly on their respective product page.

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  • Sterotape Silk

    Sterotape Silk is a Silk finished, non-stretch, water repellent, hypoallergenic tape that is porous and allows the skin to breathe Hypoallergenic surgical tape that is easy to tear.Universal use on highly sensitive skin Used to secure tubes, catheters, probes and cannulae Extra strength tape Serrated edge for ease of tearing Can be used as a base layer for taping and strapping for any fixing Used for retention where a strong hypoallergenic conforming tape is required. Available in various sizes and quantities.

  • Sterotape Microporous

    Sterotape Microporous is made from soft and pliable non-woven material which conforms well to all contours of the body The soft surgical tape that is ideal for sensitive skin. The adhesive layer is hypoallergenic, yet it creates a secure bond when applied to the skin.Torn easily by hand, and removed painlessly without leaving a residue Stronger medical grade The tape holds dressings in place Perfect for child's skin Permeable to air and water vapour, to reduce maceration (whitening of the skin) The hypoallergenic adhesive is kind to all types of skin but does not compromise on its ability to adhere well. Available in various sizes and quantities.

  • Sterotape Clear

    Sterotape Clear is used to secure tubes, catheters, probes and cannulae Hypoallergenic surgical tape made from a transparent film. Universal use on highly sensitive skin Conforms well to body contours Tears easily in both directions Secures tubes and catheters Perfect for securing a cannula Rolls are 9.1m long. Available in various sizes and quantities.

  • Sterofix Dressing Retention Tape

    Sterofix Dressing Retention Tape is the perfect Skin-friendly tape ideal for fixing dressings to the skin Non-woven polyester fabric tape Soft, pliable and porous Conforms readily to all areas of the body Minimal trauma for the patient upon removal Hypoallergenic adhesive Permeable to air and water vapour Can be cut to the required size. Available in various sizes and quantities.

  • Steroplast Elastic Adhesive Bandage (EAB)

    Elastic Adhesive Bandage is premium tried and tested EAB for a strong, secure and professional conforming fitA powerful tape that is proven to last, even in the toughest environments Wound onto a smooth bevelled core to prevent finger cuts during use Easy unwind for controlled application and an even application of pressure The adhesive is porous to allow the skin to breathe, and for sweat to evaporate, reducing the risk of skin maceration No wastage - full unwind, right to the core Central guideline to aid correct overlap positioning for an even compression Soft edges for additional patient comfort Individually wrapped to keep bandage clean and hygienic 4.5 metre stretched length 2.5cm, 5cm, 7.5cm and 10cm widths Used along with...

  • Steroplast EAB Tearlite

    Steroplast EAB Tearlite is a Latex-free elastic adhesive bandage that can be torn simply and easily by hand allowing for an ultra-quick applicationEAB Tearlite is in the same product family as EAB Trainers Choice, all of which are elasticated adhesive bandages. Meaning, they’re bandages with a high degree of elasticity and stretch. Due to the elasticity of the products, they’re not as a suitable option for complete joint immobilisation. Instead, they’re perfect for providing flexible support for constantly moving joints. Tearlite differs from Premium and Trainers Choice, as it’s a much more lightweight bandage, created from open weave cotton. This lightweight construction means it can be torn simply and quickly by hand – which...

  • Steroban-U Underwrap

    Steroban-U Underwrap is a lightweight foam pre-taping used beneath adhesive tape for protection for the skinSteroban-U Underwrap is a pre-tape, foam wrap, used by physios and athletes as a barrier beneath adhesive tapes and strappings. This protects the skin and increases wearer comfort. The lightweight wrap conforms to any part of the body prepping the area for a stronger layer of tape. Underwrap is an ideal option for sportsmen and women with sensitive skin. Wrapping an area before application of tapes helps to reduce chafing and rubbing, protecting the skin and not affecting performance.As with Steroban Cohesive, underwrap is another highly-versatile product that has found many alternative uses in the world of sport....

  • Sterotape Twin Pack - Patella Taping Kit

    Stereotype Twin Pack Patella Taping Kit is the ideal taping pack for patellofemoral pain Steroplast twin pack contains one each of the following: Sterofix Dressing Retention Tape - Flexes with body movement and conform well in awkward areas such as over the patella 5cm x 10m  Steroplast Premium - With serrated edge for ease of tearing 3.8cm x 10m 

  • Sterotape Premium

    Sterotape Premium is an unrivalled rigid sports tape that is simple to apply and stays on during the most competitive of sports The completely rigid zinc oxide tape with breathable, ultra-strong adhesive, to provide the strongest support available The ultra-strong adhesive formulation ensures tape stays in place during the most rigorous sporting activities Tape unwinds with ease, right down to the core saving time and money Ease of unwinding provides the correct amount of pressure during application The specialist breathable adhesive coating allows the skin to breathe The breathable design makes it more comfortable for the user Specialist rayon material is completely rigid, which ensures total support Serrated edge means no...

  • Sterotape-K Kinesiology Tape

    Sterotape-K Kinesiology Tape gives additional support and stability to muscles and joints without affecting the wearer's range of movement or circulation Unrivalled quality, excellent performance guaranteed. Sterotape-K is 100% latex-free and so is perfect for sensitive skin Once applied it can be worn for days at a time Wavelike adhesive pattern aids breathability and wearer comfort Easy to apply, stretches with the bodies movement Flexes with skin's natural elasticity Long term adhesion, can be worn for up to one week Water repellent fabric, for use in sport and showering 5cm x 5m Rolls All Sterotape-K rolls are supplied individually boxed Available in red, blue and flesh colours  Sterotape-K is a 100% latex-free - Low allergy...

  • Sterotape-Z.O. Zinc Oxide Tape

    Sterotape-Z.O. Zinc Oxide Tape is a rigid, adhesive tape that is used to strap up and strengthen joints to prevent sporting injuries Now with a serrated edge - making it easier to tear into a strip. Sterotape-Z.O. is the ideal product for use in boxing, MMA, tennis, rock climbing, rugby or any other high impact sports. Non-stretch zinc oxide strapping Provides rigid support even under extreme stress Excellent skin-friendly zinc oxide adhesive Guaranteed directional support and immobilisation Ultra-strong, easy to apply and extremely comfortable Tears easily by hand along both length and width No scissors required Conforms well to body contours 5m and 10m rolls 1.25cm, 2.5cm, 4cm and 5cm widths.  This robust zinc oxide tape is...

  • Fabric Strapping - Spool and Cap

    Fabric Strapping - Spool and Cap is retail packaged fabric strapping on simple use and store spool and cap Currently used on contracts by hospitals throughout the UK. Heavyweight tan cotton strapping Ideal for finger support whilst allowing movement with this elasticated fabric Smooth unwind Easy to store spool and cap system 2.5cm x 1.5m rolls. Available in 2 pack sizes.

  • Microporous Tape - Spool and Cap

    Microporous Tape - Spool and Cap is a retail packaged microporous tape stored on a simple to use and store spool and cap. Currently used on contracts by hospitals throughout the UK. Porous white paper tape  Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin to hold dressings in place on the body Tears easily by hand Easy to store spool and cap system Conforms easily Low allergy  2.5cm x 5m rolls. 8 Packs of 12 rolls.

  • Pre-tape spray - 4oz

    Pre-tape spray - 4oz is used by players and physios where it is applied to the skin to help the tape stick better.The colourless adhesive spray that makes tape stick to the skin better. The pre-tape adhesive solves the problem of tape jobs becoming loose during sports and activities. Simply spray it on the area of skin where the tape is going to be applied to make your tape job more effective.  Ensures tapes stay in place longer Quick-drying glue The adhesive spray is far more water-resistant than the adhesive on most sports tapes - ideal for wet conditions. Mueller Tuffner is used by most Premier League physios and NFL trainers. Pack of 1.

  • Steroplast Trainers Choice Bandage (EAB)

    Steroplast Trainers Choice Bandage (EAB) is the ideal elastic adhesive bandage choice for everyday club useEAB is an elasticated bandage, which is designed to stretch. Due it’s elasticity, it’s not a suitable option for complete immobilisation of joints. Instead, it is the ideal choice for providing flexible support for constantly moving joints, such as elbows and knees. It is known in the industry by many names; sports bandage, sports tape, support bandage, this is because of its wide range of medical and sporting applications. The bandage itself was specifically designed for supporting weak joints, like a compression bandage. The adhesive cotton bandage is key for treating sports injuries. Physios use it to wrap soft tissue and...

Showing 1 - 15 of 15 items