Eye Care

Essential eye care and treatment supplies for emergency eye First Aid.  

Our specialist eye First Aid products are an essential first response to accidental eye injury or contamination. Our products have a proven track record of easing the symptoms of minor to more serious accidents concerning the eyes until professional care is sought and administered if required. It is vital to act quickly to prevent more severe eye damage depending on the type of injury. Our eye treatment products are trusted and used by public and private healthcare organisations and can be purchased as full complete eyecare stations or as individual items in various capacities.


  • Eye Care Kits

    Emergency kits for the administering of ocular and topical irrigation.

    Eye injuries involving the invasion of foreign matter or trauma require immediate attention using sterile first aid treatment. Our eyewash care kits quickly remove foreign matter while reducing stinging and burning caused by smoke, allergens, or chlorinated water. Having a fully stocked emergency eye care kit readily available in the event of an eye injury is essential for saving someone's eyes from potentially serious or even permanent damage.

  • Eyewash Stations

    Eyewash stations are suitable for a number of high-risk environments where eye injury can occur.

    HSE regulation requires emergency eyewash stations to be on hand where there is a risk of eye injury. Such environments include industries where you would find dangerous corrosive materials including certain types of manufacturing plants, chemical processing factories, scientific laboratories, disinfection or chemical cleaning plants, healthcare facilities, commercial kitchens, and anywhere there is a risk of someone sustaining an eye injury and requiring immediate first aid treatment.

  • Eyewash Bottles & Pods

    Sterile eyewash solution is provided in 500ml bottles a 20ml pods.

    Sterile eyewash Pods and bottles are a legally required and vital emergency eye irrigation solution for any environment where there is a risk of someone sustaining an eye injury and requiring emergency first aid treatment. Eyewash solution is supplied in packs of 25 compact 20ml pods and 500ml bottles. Eyewash solutions should always be available and easy to locate in the event of a person suffering from potentially serious eye trauma. A vital addition to any first aid kit or cabinet and could play an essential role in saving someone's eyesight.

  • Eye Pads

    Sterile, thick, and absorbent eye pad dressings are essential to any first aid kit.

    An eye pad is a soft and absorbent medical dressing that is sterile and can be applied and held by a strong elastic bandage over an eye to protect it following an eye injury. The eye pad dressing is important as it provides initial protection from infection and further damage while the injured person seeks professional medical assistance. Our eye pads are high-quality, medical-grade, and CE-marked for professional healthcare use and are used within the NHS and private healthcare facilities.

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