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Eye Pads

Sterile, thick and absorbent eye pad dressings essential to any first aid kit.

An eye pad is a soft and absorbent medical dressing that is sterile and can be applied and held by a strong elastic bandage over an eye to protect it following an eye injury. The eye pad dressing is important as it provides initial protection from infection and further damage while the injured person seeks professional medical assistance. Our eye pads are high-quality, medical-grade and CE marked for professional health care use and are used within the NHS and private healthcare facilities.

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  • Steropax - Eyepad

    Steropax - Eyepad is an eye pad dressings to dress damage to the eye and prevent any further infection occurringIn any sport, it’s quite easy to pick up an eye injury, and when they do, they need instant treatment. Whether it’s a blow from an opponent in boxing. sand in the eye from a beach sport, or a stray finger from a defender on the football pitch. The tiniest scratch to the eyeball can be very very painful.Once the eye has been irrigated with Eyewash, a Steropax Eyepad can be used to dress the eye preventing any further damage. The unmedicated pad cushions and protects a wound whilst absorbing any exudate. The pad itself can be simply tied around the head until the individual can seek further medical help.Available in...

Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item