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Finger Bandage & Cots

The perfect addition to any first aid kit for treating finger injuries.

A Finger Bandage protects and supports injured fingers and can also be used to hold dressings in place. A finger bandage is self-securing and will not fray or unwind. Finger bandages can be used with our latex finger cots or vinyl finger stalls which are designed to fit over a finger dressing giving an added protection also keeping the bandage clean and dry.

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  • Steropax Finger Bandage - Pack of 100

    Steropax finger bandage flow wrapped with strong elastication for holding the dressing in place.Digit dressing for inclusion in first aid kits A quality sterile finger wound dressing Pad cushions the wound and absorbs exudate Provides initial protection from infection whilst en-route to hospital Strong elastic bandage holds the dressing securely in place Comfortable to wear Can be used for both fingers and toes 3.5cm x 3.5cm bandagePack of 100.

  • Roll-on Finger Bandage - Pack of 6

    The Roll-on Finger Bandage is quick and easy to apply finger bandages secure in place simply with no knot, pin or tapes requiredQuick and easy to apply The finger bandage can be easily applied to either fingers or toes The unique rolled design removes the need for applicators Cotton spandex rolls onto finger easily Twist at the top and roll back down to form a protective cover One size fits all - 24cm x 2cm Supplied in packs of 6Available in Blue or White.

  • Finger Cots - Pack of 10

    Finger Cots are Latex, waterproof finger length protection to apply over plasters and dressings, keeping them clean and dryThe roll-on waterproof finger length protection Apply over plasters and dressings Pre-rolled and ready to use Thin enough to allow you to do everyday jobs  Strong enough to last and reuse Rough tipped

  • Finger Stalls (Pack of 10)

    Finger Stalls are Vinyl protective finger covers used to keep dressings clean and dry, ideal for use in the catering industry Protective finger covers which keep dressings clean and dry    Easy-to-use blue finger stalls are ideal for use in the food and catering industry The blue fingerstall must be used in food handling environments to ensure food hygiene regulation compliance Vinyl cover with secure tie-on fasteners Holds dressings in placeAvailable Sizes: Medium, Large and Extra-Large. Pack Size: 10.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items