A complete range of premium quality medical spec Bandages for various types of injury. 

Our premium quality Bandages are another essential component of our First Aid Kits which can also be purchased in individual packs separately. We supply the full range of Bandages including our adhesive and non-adhesive to light support and full compression range. Whatever type of injury is requiring treatment we are confident our market-leading products will perform well. The Bandages we offer are well known for quality and widely respected by multi-sector professionals which include sports physios and medical professionals.


  • Conforming Bandage

    High-quality medical-grade conforming bandages for various wound treatments.

    A conforming bandage is commonly used as a dressing retention. As the name implies, the bandages conform to the shape of the applied area and provide relief and light compression where needed. Conforming bandages are durable and lightweight with a high degree of stretch making these types of bandages the bandage of choice for various wound care applications, including support for sprains and dressing retention with many more uses for this versatile bandage. Our conforming bandages are CE-marked and used within the NHS and private medical sectors.

  • Cooling Bandages

    Bringing relief from pain and swelling, keeping the injury cool to aid recovery.

    A Cooling bandage uses rapid evaporation technology to cool the affected area with no need for ice or refrigeration. As the coolant in the bandage evaporates the heat, pain, and swelling are drawn out. The cooling bandage is extremely popular with sportsmen and women who may often find themselves battered and bruised as an unavoidable consequence of the sport they do. Cooling bandages are renewed with coolant spray giving the user convenience and longevity of use.

  • Finger Bandage & Cots

    The perfect addition to any first-aid kit for treating finger injuries.

    A Finger Bandage protects and supports injured fingers and can also be used to hold dressings in place. A finger bandage is self-securing and will not fray or unwind. Finger bandages can be used with our latex finger cots or vinyl finger stalls which are designed to fit over a finger dressing giving added protection while also keeping the bandage clean and dry.

  • Cohesive Bandages

    Cohesive bandages are coated with a self-adherent substance that gives the bandage the ability to stick to itself but not to skin or clothing.

    A cohesive bandage (Coban) may be used to apply light pressure and support such as in the management of sprains and strains or during rehabilitation following orthopaedic surgery. It is also sometimes applied as a cover for paste bandages used in eczematous skin conditions when it serves a protective and retention function. Cohesive bandages are sometimes used as the outer component of a multi-layer bandaging system. In this situation, the bandage has a dual role in performing a retention function whilst providing a degree of compression.

  • Open Weave Bandages

    White Open Weave Bandage (WOW Bandage) is hypoallergenic and made from 100% cotton.

    A white cotton hypo-allergenic bandage produced with an open weave. This is the definitive traditional non-stretch bandage that is used mainly for securing dressings in place. The White Open Weave Bandage (WOW) is a loose weave bandage that allows wounds to breathe and provide excellent ventilation. Its non-elastic nature helps avoid wound constriction and makes it ideal for clinical use during treatments that require inelastic compression. 

  • Elastic Adhesive...

    Elastic Adhesive bandage (EAB) is a lightweight strapping bandage for taping around the joints.

    Elastic adhesive tape strips are applied with localized compression over a muscle injury to provide ample compression forces localized to the injured area without compromising circulation; limit swelling; decrease the chances of further damage to the injury site; allow continued activity. The Elastic Adhesive Bandage is ideal for stabilising joints, tendons, and ligaments during vigorous exercise. Firmly wrap around the ankle, wrist, or any other highly-used joint to prevent injury caused by muscle stress and fatigue.

  • Crepe Bandages

    Crepe bandages are used for minor injuries such as strains and sprains.

    Crepe bandages aid in the compression stage. Securing a crepe bandage around the injured area will help prevent further swelling and restrict the movement of the injured area. Often, a wrong movement or twist could result in further strain on the muscle or tendon and increase complications. A Crepe bandage holds the area in place by providing support and also protecting it. It is important that you remove the crepe bandage before going to bed.

  • Triangular Bandages

    The multi-purpose triangular bandage can be used as both a bandage and a sling.

    The triangular bandage, also known as a cravat bandage, is a type of bandage that is put into a right-angled triangle and often provided with safety pins to secure it in place. This bandage is a versatile bandage that can be used to support sprains, strains, and breaks to the hand, wrist, elbow, or shoulder. A triangular bandage can also be used as a support to immobilise limbs or hold bulky dressings in place and can be used fully unrolled as a sling, folded as a normal bandage, or used for specialized applications such as on the head.

  • Under Wrap

    For use as a barrier between adhesive tapes and the skin giving extra protection and comfort.

    Underwrap is a pre-tape, foam wrap used by physios and athletes as a barrier beneath adhesive tapes and strappings. Underwrap protects the skin and increases wearer comfort. The lightweight wrap conforms to any part of the body prepping the area for a stronger layer of tape. Underwrap is an ideal option for sportsmen and women with sensitive skin. Wrapping an area before the application of tape helps to reduce chafing and rubbing, protecting the skin and not affecting performance.

  • Gauze Bandage

    An essential wound treatment bandage to ensure protection and ventilation.

    Gauze bandages are used to help keep a wound clean while still allowing air to ventilate the bandage and skin which will help the wound to heal. The woven fabric nature of the bandage is what makes it effective in ventilating and also makes it absorbent which is useful as it helps prevent excess moisture around the wound site. Gauze bandages can be used on wounds where the infection is already present and in the process of being treated. This type of bandage can be combined with topical medicines for such purposes.

  • Tubular Bandage

    Tubular elastic bandages provide 360 degrees of uniform compression and support.

    This bandage will help to prevent or reduce edema as well as treat post-burn scarring. These bandages are secure without the use of clips or tape and are available in a variety of widths and lengths. Tubular elastic bandages are designed with a specific weave that self-adjusts to provide continuously and even support and pressure while ensuring flexibility of movement without the risk of constriction. Easily cut into the desired length, tubular elastic bandages are perfect for edema reduction, post-cast support, treating sprains, strains, soft-tissue injuries, and wound dressing retention.

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