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First Aid Bandages

A complete range of premium quality medical spec Bandages for various types of injury. 

Our premium quality Bandages are another essential component of our First Aid Kits which can also be purchased in individual packs separately. We supply the full range of Bandages including our adhesive and non-adhesive to light support and full compression range. Whatever type of injury is requiring treatment we are confident our market-leading products will perform well. The Bandages we offer are well known for quality and widely respected by multi-sector professionals which include sports physios and medical professionals.

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  • Conforming Bandage

    Conforming Bandage

    High-quality medical-grade conforming bandages for various wound treatment.

    A conforming bandage is commonly used as a dressing retention. Like the name implies, the bandages conform to the shape of the applied area and provide relief and light compression where needed. Conforming bandages are durable and lightweight with a high degree of stretch making these type of bandages the bandage of choice for various wound care applications, including support for sprains and dressing retention with many more uses for this versatile bandage. Our conforming bandages are CE marked and used within the NHS and private medical sectors.

  • Cooling Bandages

    Cooling Bandages

    Bringing relief from pain and swelling, keeping the injury cool to aid recovery.

    A Cooling bandage uses rapid evaporation technology to cool the affected area with no need for ice or refrigeration. As the coolant in the bandage evaporates the heat, pain and swelling are drawn out. The cooling bandage is extremely popular with sportsmen and women who may often find themselves battered and bruised as an unavoidable consequence of the sport they do. Cooling bandages are renewed with coolant spray giving the user convenience and longevity of use.

  • Finger Bandage & Cots

    Finger Bandage & Cots

    The perfect addition to any first aid kit for treating finger injuries.

    A Finger Bandage protects and supports injured fingers and can also be used to hold dressings in place. A finger bandage is self-securing and will not fray or unwind. Finger bandages can be used with our latex finger cots or vinyl finger stalls which are designed to fit over a finger dressing giving an added protection also keeping the bandage clean and dry.

  • Cohesive Bandages

    Cohesive Bandages

  • Open Weave Bandages

    Open Weave Bandages

  • Elastic Adhesive Bandage (EAB)

    Elastic Adhesive Bandage (EAB)

  • Crepe Bandages

    Crepe Bandages

  • Triangular Bandages

    Triangular Bandages

  • Under Wrap

    Under Wrap

  • Gauze Bandage

    Gauze Bandage

  • Tubular Bandage

    Tubular Bandage