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Triangular Bandages

The multi-purpose triangular bandage can be used as both a bandage and a sling.

The triangular bandage, also known as a cravat bandage, is a type of bandage that is put into a right-angled triangle and often provided with safety pins to secure it in place. This bandage is a versatile bandage which can be used to support sprains, strains and breaks to the hand, wrist, elbow or shoulder. A triangular bandage can also be used as a support to immobilise limbs or hold bulky dressings in place and can be used fully unrolled as a sling, folded as a normal bandage, or used for specialized applications such as on the head.

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  • Triangular Bandage

    Triangular Bandage is a multifunctional bandage can support an arm in a sling or as additional support to help hold a splint in placeMost first aid kits will include a triangular bandage, whether non-woven or calico. It’s a highly versatile piece of first aid equipment. The bandage is unlike other rolled bandages, its triangular shape gives it many applications. In an emergency situation, it can step in for other equipment that you may not have.The standard purpose is for creating a sling and immobilising an arm in place until treatment can be given. However, it can also be used for treating head injuries, bracing sprained ankles, as a makeshift tourniquet, to splint broken legs, immobilise a fractured jaw, as a hip wrap, and...

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