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Gauze Bandage

An essential wound treatment bandage to ensure protection and ventilation.

Gauze bandages are used to help keep a wound clean while still allowing air to ventilate the bandage and skin which will help the wound to heal. The woven fabric nature of the bandage is what makes it effective in ventilating and also makes it absorbent which is useful as it helps prevent excess moisture around the wound site. Gauze bandages can be used on wounds where the infection is already present and in the process of being treated. This type of bandage can be combined with topical medicines for such purposes.

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  • Sterogauz Tubular Gauze Bandage

    Sterogauz Tubular Gauze Bandage is the perfect tubular bandage for holding dressings in place on the body. Sterogauz comes in a wide range of sizes suitable for the whole body. Ideally suited to apply over areas of the body being treated with creams and ointments. As it prevents the transfer onto clothing or bedding.Has a natural stretch, which provides comfort and conformability around body contours. A range of sizes suitable for the whole body.Holds dressings securely in place Provides skin protection under an elastic adhesive bandage Low-cost alternative to flat bandages 20m Rolls. Sterogauz Tubular Gauze Bandage is sold with various options. 

  • Plastic Applicator for Sterogauz

    Plastic Applicator for Sterogauz is designed to make the application of tubular gauze bandages simple and pain-free.Simply slide the bandage over the outside of the applicator and place over the injured limb and apply bandage carefully.Allows for super easy application of tubular gauze bandages Easy to use Durable and very long-lasting product. Plastic Applicator for Sterogauz is sold in packs of 25 and 100.

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items